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    So. The Zika virus was first isolated and identified in 1947, and the first confirmed cases in humans were in 1954. Before that, it just wasn’t identified, so who knows how long it’d been around or how long it had been infecting humans? The only thing certain is that it was not worthy of any mention in the western press, anyway, until about last year, because it suddenly showed up in the United States.

    To me, it seemed like an awful lot of noise about something that had only infected a literal handful of people (count ‘em on two hands, basically) in the entire United States just months ago, to now “over 700″ (more than half of those in Puerto Rico), with zero cases of microcephaly so far in the US that we’ve heard of, and an unknown number in S. America (I guess it never mattered when it was just black kids in Africa, where the virus originated, supposedly). But I digress….

    Yet at the same time, the linked article (below) says that U.S. doctors “have now found Zika virus in brain tissue from stillborn and aborted microcephalic fetuses and in the amniotic fluid surrounding them.” But – I thought there had been no such cases in the U.S. Are we already taking tissue samples from Brazilian “stillborn and aborted microcephalic fetuses” and bringing them here for examination, when this just became an issue in the U.S. only a few months ago? And suddenly there’s a news conference at the White House itself, to make sure everyone knows just how serious the latest crisis is:

    WASHINGTON — Two senior Obama administration officials said on Monday that the government did not have enough money to effectively combat and treat the Zika virus, which they called a more profound threat to the United States than experts once believed. … President Obama in February requested an emergency appropriation of $1.8 billion to deal with Zika, but the Republican-led Congress said the administration should first use money set aside to combat Ebola. After arguing for months that that was not possible, officials said last week that they would use $510 million of that money, plus $79 million from other accounts. But Dr. Fauci and Dr. Anne Schuchat, the deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, argued on Monday that such a stopgap measure was not enough. If Congress does not provide the needed funds, Dr. Fauci said, public health authorities will probably have to divert money from malaria and tuberculosis prevention programs, as well as from flu vaccine programs.

    First, how do they know that the initial emergency appropriate would be sufficient at $1.8 billion?

    Second, why is it that those nasty Republicans are standing in the way of public safety by suggesting the Prez use money previously earmarked for Ebola, now that it’s largely under control? And why did the CDC say they couldn’t do that, but later said they could after all, but not all of it, and some of it had to come from other accounts, but that still wasn’t enough? So Congress gets blackmailed into providing the additional money by a threat to stop working on malaria and TB, as well as the wildly successful {CHOKE} flu vaccine program (which has been about as long standing and “successful” as the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs and the War on … blah, blah, blah).

    And for some unexplainable reason I started wondering what ELSE is going on here. So as I scrolled down the page of the always relevant and believable New York Times, I run across another linked article titled, “Zika Virus Rumors and Theories That You Should Doubt.” What?!? They’re already telling me what I shouldn’t believe if/when I hear it? The resulting article tells me all the conspiracy theories that have (already) arisen about the Zika virus, and why they CAN’T be true, and the article, while naming the conspiracy theories and calling them “ridiculous,” “not plausible,” and saying “that buzzing sound you hear is a no,” doesn’t even identify where some of the conspiracy theories are even coming from. Plus, it adds, “Do rumors like these usually arise at the beginnings of epidemics?”

    [Ah, yes. The QUESTION technique (a veiled statement, in reality, and one of the very sophisticated neuro-linguistic programming techniques used to manipulate people’s thinking). Remember the discussion in another thread here in the Forum about how the media manipulates people? Well, this has all the earmarks of a classic example!]

    This thing is supposedly already generating conspiracy theories that need to be pre-squashed, when the public is just beginning to hear about it, and the cause-effect relationship between Zika virus and microcephaly, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and possibly other serious conditions?

    So here we go again with something that has been known all along (for the past 60+ years) but was not a big deal, until suddenly we know so much about it that we even know how many $billion it will take to “study” and “protect against” it. And shortly after even hearing about it, we’re even being told to forget any conspiracy theories about it, including a specific list of theories that are ridiculed straight out of the gate.

    Here comes the next pandemic vaccine that’s gonna be jammed in our arms, is my conspiracy theory. Looks to me like yet another cash cow, higher tax argument, public health crisis attention diverter, and even potential coming national state of emergency. (What? Me paranoid? I wonder why….)

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    Sounds like a race specific virus. I know I know … That’s racist. Lol. But I do know my odds of getting Ebola/Zika are so low as to be almost 0%. I won’t be going to Haiti, the Caribbean or Central America .

    And btw bird flu… Well the CDC missed on that by a mile.

    It is interesting though to imagine Africa infested with zika. It will spread. The US might even make Florida a quarantine zone. The south coast of America could be over run by zika carrying migrants. That would be ugly.

    We may need a high steel fence along the Mexican border for other reasons.

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    L Tecolote

    We may need a high steel fence along the Mexican border for other reasons.

    That’s exactly why we’ll never get one.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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