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    When things start falling apart around you and it is really happening. You look at your child and you give some of your food to him. You go to bed not hungry, but not satisfied either. You realise that you fit into clothes of 10 years ago. And with sadness you see your child walks around pulling up his pants that keep on slipping down. Your mother has not got enough to eat every day and you can see the quiet gratefulness in her eyes when you give her food.
    I think the scary part for me at the moment is watching the news and then to start seeing it with your own eyes. You drive past the burned out vehicles and see the police vehicles in your rear view mirror. Crime is getting out of control. People are getting restless. People are openly talking about leaving the country and discussing where to.
    You start to ask questions and to listen when older people talks. Not that the younger generations has not got a lot to offer, because they do. They understand technology. It comes natural. While we read the manual they are already attaching the alarm to the electric fence.
    And what’s happening in our world, on our earth, is definitely something that nobody could be 100% prepared for. Simply because nobody know for sure, exactly what to prepare for. You cannot walk out and create a rule that states your enemy are not allowed to attack from the air – or not allowed to attack from a distance. You cannot negotiate with nature and prevent an earthquake, drought or flood. The soldiers will most probably not be dressed in red and the others in blue and walk towards you in a straight line playing drums. I do not know if the person that is going to attack me, is already in my garden or house. They might attack me at the next traffic light or inside a shopping centre. There might be eight with AK 47’s or just two with a brick and knife. That is why your mindset is important.
    When my world changes into something I’ve never experienced before in my life, it might not be falling apart in your world. Our worlds could be 500 km apart. You are taking your child to school and we are hiding from people chasing us with pangas.
    What do I need to do to make things better? You need to do something. You cannot do nothing. That should not be an option.
    It does not take an extra ordinary person to do or achieve extra ordinary things.
    You are your own boss. Look at your own world today through your own eyes and be the boss. Remember, things simply happen most of the time. Whatever you do, just do it well. Most of the time you might not know anything about what you’re supposed to do.
    You can learn something from every single person you meet in your life. The one skill you will need to able to stay alive in really bad times, is to negotiate. The front part of your gun might not solve all your problems. You need to be able to convince a lot of people not to fight with you. You need to be able to win wars without shooting or bombing. It is possible with rewards towards both sides. You must be able to plant a thought /provide the person you are negotiating with the necessary thought or idea to work towards the results you want.
    Next point – You will learn that you do get along with less. There could be less of just about everything. Even less people in your group. If everybody in your group is trained really well, and everybody is used effectively – you can do a lot of damage to people that try to attack you. There is more trust in a group that is trained to more or less the same level.
    SHTF scenario. This would mean that you are somewhere you really do not want to be. In a situation you do not want to be in. You do nothing or you do something. Anything! Make the situation better for yourself and for the people with you. Change the people around you; help them to be good people. It is your choice if you want to be part of a pride of lions that work together for protection and food and share it. Or you could be a leopard that is so skilled that he can kill all by himself and do not even need to share his food. Just remember that a leopard takes about 20 minutes to get just a few meters closer to his prey. He cannot afford to make any mistakes. There is no back up. You need to be self-sufficient all the way.
    Simply try, instead of doing nothing. Your car breaks down… Now what? You lose your job. Now what? Be a good parent. Teach your children today to try, even if they make mistakes. They need you to show them how. They need parents not only teachers. Remember, do not only tell them how, show them how. Instead of eating fast food, prepare your meals together. Instead of buying clothes, buy the material and make a t-shirt together. Instead of buying bread, bake one together. It only takes flour, water and a pinch of salt… time. To make our world a better place we are going to have to invest time into it.
    Spent time with your children. Spent time with your family and friends. Spent time in your herbal garden. Spent time learning skills from older people as well. It takes many years to become an expert in most things. They are killing our farmers in South Africa, especially the elderly farmers. Why? Farmers were taught everything by their parents. They have got a wealth of knowledge and experience. When to plant; how to harvest; preventing disease in their chickens or crops. How to make biltong (beef jerky) or treat a cold. Which plant like to grow next to which one in the vegetable garden? How to bottle fruit and vegetable for the winter. They really know how to do it and they can show you. Applied knowledge is worth so much more. Learn other skills even if you work under pressure. We need to be able to adapt.
    There will be a time when things are going to happen that you are really not going to like. Your world of order change into disorder and chaos. You are going to have to believe in yourself. You are going to have to be strong and find ways to get everything done. Many solutions can be found by simply discussing it with someone. Person to person. Find the solution!
    Get to that new way of thinking. Instead of having one water pipe with one tap for many people, there should be three taps to prevent a bottle neck situation that slows things down. Same amount of water, not one meter apart, but several meters apart. (Where does predators wait for their pray?)
    What’s happening? Can you see the whole picture? Remember people do not think the same way you do. Never make that assumption. Stick to your principles. Have principles. War is not predictable. You are not in control, but you are in command of your life. Today, we are living in a time where the same way of thinking, your mentality, will need to be flexible and adjustable for you to survive. Do not lose your faith. Be sharp.

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    Very well said Leopard. It sounds like you yourself have mentally prepared to a great degree. That will enable you to help others with their own transition as conditions change. We have discussed conditions in SA a lot and it seems that they will get worse before they get better, but as you note, we don’t really know what is coming. If WWIII breaks out between the US-Russia-China and the many countries that those 3 are aligned or otherwise involved with, what does that really mean for us in the several countries represented here? Probably different things, none of them good. Being able to see and accept reality is truly the 1st order of business. Most people won’t see it let alone accept it early on. Like it or not, we will have to help others get through that initial mental transition if they are to become part of your local solution vs being a burden or perhaps even a threat. The more any of us know the better off we will be.

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    Very nice, Leopard. Thank you.

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    May the Lord keep you and yours, leopard.

    Toby C
    Toby C

    GREAT Post Leopard! I’m back home now and aware I owe you a message :) Will write soon!!!

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