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    Article from NYP although I barely call that rag a Newspaper.

    This man has eroded all international respect America might have had left after years of back room deals, botched trade plans and forced transition to faux democracies. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my country. I just hate my government and the crap that our short sighted politicians have pulled for their own gain. Now I see Diet-Lenin (oh, I mean Putin) pulling Obowma’s punk card and essentially leading us to either a future Cold or World war?


    I really dislike our country’s politicians and how they have no real foresight into their actions.

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    Obama is a mental midget . Incapable of leading donkeys down the Grand Canyon . He is just pissed off because Putin showed the world how much of a monkey Obama really is . Sending him to negotiations is like sending the paper boy to do a Marines job . As far as WW2 goes , it is what it is , The Russians give us little credit for the victory and we pretty much do the same thing , the truth is far different . We needed each other equally , or there would have been no victory . Their millions of men tied up the bulk of the German forces in the east , or Normandy would not have been possible . They needed our supplies and constant bombing of German infrastructure . We all need to deal with Islam , and pointing fingers at each other is not going to help ( it helps the ragheads )

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    A major feat of real diplomacy which O seems incapable of would be to partner with Putin to fight the Islamic jihad. We managed to partner with them in WWII to accomplish a common goal despite vast political differences. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

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    As a loyal American it’s a little unnerving to realize I often now agree with the Russian Premier rather than our President. Tolik is right. We need to put egos aside and stand together against radical Islam.

    We are seeing what that weakness is creating in Afghanistan. Now the Taliban is taking over a major city, as we plan our exit. Iraq is a mess because we left too soon. As soon as I read that Obama is popular at the UN, I knew we were in deep trouble. Hope he is keeping his Peace Prize shiny.


    There’s a little something written called “The War to Save Joseph Stalin”.

    Not going to rehash WWII. I will only say that Putin is first and foremost FOR Russia. And we should be first and foremost FOR the US.

    Squabbling amongst ourselves solves nothing. The greater threat is happening in real-time – our countries, our homelands are being infiltrated and overrun by invaders. The stupidity of weaponized empathy and suicidal altruism is breathtaking in it’s scope and depth…

    Those old Stalin-era Marxist “intellectuals” like Gramsci and Fanon did their work well – that which would have been mocked and ridiculed and viewed as treasonous only a few decades ago is now bleated over and over as if it were Holy Writ…

    We need to focus on the greater threat. Then we can hash out our petty squabbles…

    Where’s Jan Sobieski when you need him?

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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