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    This guy looks at the world in a way that I lack the knowledge to have forseen. Is he right?

    Viktor Shvets: ‘The Private Sector Will Never Recover’

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    Cry, "Treason!"

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    I couldn’t say he is correct about everything, I don’t have that level of market understanding either. However it isn’t difficult to see a few things he brings up.

    1. We are consumers with the sole purpose of propping up the government and large corporations.
    2. Most of the population is occupied in unproductive activities.
    3. Machines will replace most humans in the work environment.
    4. There will be no need for so many humans.

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    its a lot of info but covers most of the issues but 3 hours of your time gone with no silver lining other than knowing the economic collapse why. like being in car driven by crazy person while not being able to do anything
    remember you tube is controlled

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    I do agree with him. There are to many problems going on. Global economy has way to many parts and all are together which means if one falls apart it hit all the rest.

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    He may be right, but there are just too many inconsistencies in that article, and too many things that, to me, appear too illogical – even internally to that article itself. Just one issue alone is at the end: how do Amazon and such companies prosper when people are barely scraping by now, and his own chart shows the near-100% chance of so many job sectors simply disappearing from the market? Who’s going to BUY all of Amazon’s drone-assisted deliveries – the unemployed postal and UPS workers? The unemployed real estate agents, telemarketers, and others at the far end of his list of those about to lose their jobs? He says parts of the whole process won’t recover (NOTHING is permanent in this world, but functionally I follow what he’s saying). But then he tells us to invest in those very companies (Amazon, etc.) BECAUSE they will always still be there. I ain’t buyin’ that claim, just for starters.

    For me, I believe the United States as a constitutional republic is gone, and we’re a shell of what was once substance. In the meantime, the only rules are what the Chief Executive says they area, and Congress will not stop him (nor the courts). So yes, in my opinion, the flush bar has already been pushed down, and we’ve already started down the tubes. The only thing I’ve ever seen come back up those tubes is raw sewage from back-ups, or rats.

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