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    Of course this is only a fictitious presentation …er, that is, I think … er, I hope it is. But the imminent possibility raises a whole C-130J-full of questions … like who’s really in charge of developing, building, stockpiling, utilizing these things, who is “safe” … if that word still has any meaning, and how much longer will Little Mr Kim threaten anyone?

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    Fascinating. But who said anything about fictitious? LOL! I read that post and watched the video immediately after having finished a post on the cold war relic thread about how far technology may have really come, given what hasn’t even been declassified from the 60s, to the best of my knowledge. I have yet to see in print, anywhere, what the resolution from space was in the 60s, and know for certain that what was available to those with only a secret clearance was absurdly below the actual capabilities. We’re a half century later, and black programs have never ceased to exist. Nuf sed, when I can go buy a very sophisticated drone at Sam’s Club for only about $500.

    (I have a good friend who was deeply involved in sub warfare back decades ago. He about flipped when he watched “Hunt for Red October,” and could not tell me why, other than “techniques and equipment” that were clearly visible throughout the movie. His rank and position(s) allowed him knowledge few others have, and to this day he still won’t talk about what, specifically, he saw in “Hunt….” Let’s just say he was highly disturbed about it, and still is to this day. Toy makers have also often had “fictitious, futuristic” technology that was neither.)

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