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    For those who know and appreciate who Thomas Sowell is, I just found his final column – titled, appropriately, “My Farewell Column” – and thought others might appreciate reading it. I’ve followed Dr. Sowell for many years, appreciating him more and more as the years went by. At age 86, I suspect he long ago deserved to retire into a relaxing and enjoyable personal interest – which he’s now doing (photography). But he will still be missed greatly – not only for his wisdom and insight, but also because there seems to be no one in the wings to take his place (another piece of evidence that we’ve passed the point of no return in the U.S.).

    Regardless, his final column is, to me, a must-read. It contains insights that are spot on, yet rarely mentioned in public, let along mainstream press. I don’t like World Net Daily (the source at which this column is printed), but when I found out about the column I had no hesitancy clicking the link.

    Anyone interested in his long history of columns can find them at:

    And for those who enjoy good photography, including b&w, his photos can be found at:


    Been reading his stuff for years.
    Time to start enjoying life amid the junk, I can understand.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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