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    I thought about putting this in the DIY section, but then thought it might fit better here.

    I’ll try post some tutorials on making field expedient/alternative weaponry and gear as and when I make it/can be bothered.
    I’m not in the least adverse to firearms, but for what ever reason sometimes people need and alternative or something in addition :-)

    This is a write up I did a while a go and had on my blog.

    I made myself a Chavveta (cigar making knife) the other day using an old circular saw blade – I cut the teeth off in such a way as to enable me to use them as the flanges on a flanged mace.
    Here’s the build:

    1. Teeth cut off the outside of the saw and roughly sanded to remove rust.
    To do this I used a cutting wheel in my angle grinder and then a lap sanding disc for it.

    2. Making the head; I got some 30mm steel pipe from the local dump for $2 and cut a section that included a joiner piece for more weight.
    Ground the Galvanization off as we are going to be welding that puppy – burning zinc (galv. fumes) are NOT GOOD!

    3. I cut slots (10) evenly around the outside of the head to hold the flanges

    and then utilized a wine cork and some bluetac to hold the first flange in place.

    4. Weld it! I used a cheap home scale arc welder to tack the bottom of each one at the right angle. Then (he says self-aggrandizing his skill) ran a bead of weld up either side of the flange – a spray bottle of water is good to have on hand here as the cork will catch fire.

    5. Clean it up: I used the slag hammer and then a wire wheel  – it’s not shiny shiny, but I kinda like the rough look of it.

    6. Add a handle.
    My little brother an I bought a cheapo lathe together some time back on which the motor blew up; We found an old single horse (rather than a 1/2 like the original) and dropped a multi-step pulley spindle on it and a v-belt we got from the dump. Added a shroud made from old metal shelving.
    I cut a bit of downed red alder and turned it down to the right size (about 60 cm long was good), I sawed a split in the end to take a wedge later and knocked the mace head on.
    Stained the whole thing dark brown and gave it a couple of coats of raw linseed oil to finish it.


    That’s really amazing. Great work and tutorial! I will mention that in the next community newsletter.

    Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")

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    How well does the head stand up to abuse with the flanges protruding out so far unsupported? If I were building it I would have mounted id so the the jointed section was at the far end and the flanges only protruded an inch or two beyond that. Or just have done all the flanges in the smaller size and every thing else as you did it.

    Also have you tested how it does against various materials? I would think that more triangular points would penetrate better, however I would think that even if the flanges were just rectangles of steel it would put quite a nice crease in an old steel pot helmet.



    :) Nice looking “Helper” for SHTF time. I agree with the lci115lewis, test it please in different “strength” and review that here.


    You are right; the two extra long flanges are overly flashy and have bent slightly from time to time. Worst case scenario the tips might break of them in line with the shorter flanges.

    I have ripped through the sides of steel filing cabinets and torn chunks out of firewood logs with this and it’s still going. The great thing is that it is already so ugly it would be hard to tell if there was anything ‘wrong’ with its shape! ;-)

    Not sure how it might fare on polycarbonate riot type armor, or heavier steel plate (it wouldn’t pierce my own reproduction stuff, but would put minor dings in it).

    This said, that is the beauty of a mace; it’s an impact weapon – so long as the force is transferred, any perforation or laceration is just a bonus.

    Given it’s overall appearance, I have a (perhaps naive) hope that in lesser situations it might even prevent a fight simply by being seen. (Because the best fight is one you don’t have to have, and if you know you have to do violence (i wont call it a fight as that implies two people toe-to-toe) it should be quick, dirty, one-sided and unseen/unexpected IMHO)

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    Roger that, Frozenthunderbolt…I gotta tell ya, if I wasn’t armed with something much better, like a gun. I’d bounce, thats scary looking!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Mr. Red
    Mr. Red

    How in the hell did I miss this post?!

    Excellent work!

    Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.

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    Novus Ordo

    FT – Awesome brother! Thanks for posting – gets the creative synapsis going for sure! K

    Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
    - Thomas Paine

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    Nice. My first thought was ‘Grond, hammer of the Underworld.’

    I keep making jokes about using mace (phrased in a way to suggest a reference to the spray) for self-defense, and then I complete the thought with a reference to a gothic flanged mace. It’s not exactly gothic, but that would work quite nicely.


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