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    First, this article is from October, not just last week “Airspace Violation, You Say? Turkey Slams Russia for What Ankara Does Daily.”

    Next comes the most current accusation: “Putin: Russia Has Evidence Su-24 Shot Down to Protect Daesh Oil Deliveries.”

    Then we come to the following allegations. First some background (emphasis is mine):

    Necmettin Bilal Erdogan, commonly known as Bilal Erdogan (born 23 April 1980) is the third child of Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, the current President of Turkey.

    After graduating from Kartal Imam Hatip High School in 1999, Bilal Erdogan moved to the US for undergraduate education. He also earned a Masters Degree in John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2004. After graduation, he served in the World Bank as intern for a while. He returned Turkey in 2006 and started to his business life. Bilal Erdogan is one of the three equal shareholders of “BMZ Group Denizcilik “, a marine transportation corporation.

    That background quote (without original emphasis) is part of a larger article titled, “Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President.”

    Finally, start with this blockbuster (yet not exactly new allegations) story: “The US Hand in the Syrian Mess.” Note the link to Part 2 of the story at the end.

    Thus, we have two choices:
    a) You just can’t make this stuff up!
    b) Somebody went to a heck of a lot of trouble to do just that.

    Somehow, my best guess goes solidly with answer “a.” And much to my amazement, Alex Jones’ assessment of who created ISIS, posted here a week or two ago, gains even more credibility. One thing I noted in the “The US Hand in the Syrian Mess” article is an extremely common pattern: initial news reports tell us all sorts of things – before the propagandists get involved and start squashing certain story lines. Following that, some of the best, most important information just disappears altogether as if it never happened. Pay particular attention to Syria’s peace initiative with Israel, the initial strong support in Israel, then the assassination of the Syrian general in an Israeli commando raid, along with the verbal blasts at Syria by the US (note the NY Times initial story on the assassination, and the fact that Snowden leaked the NSA’s confirming analysis). And except for the few that saw the initial reports, nobody else knows about them, and subsequently anyone that brings them up is labeled a nut job. Just note how many instances of original reports from mainstream sources are mentioned in the story (all the links), and compare that to current media/government “wisdom” on the subject. That is quite a significant article (along with its linked Part 2).

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)

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