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    People don’t want a standing “Army” yet they want instantaneous response and results. – Whirl

    It is entirely possible for public servants to do their jobs without all the trappings and mentality of a standing army. It was done before for generations, and the gangsters of the 30’s made today’s version look like a Daycare group.

    Let me ask you a question.

    We’ve been told for years that guns, and the ability to use them responsibly, are the sole provenance of Law Enforcement (even though the only real meaningful difference between “LEO’s” and citizens is that a “LEO” can effect an arrest for a felony and a misdemeanor and a citizen can only effect an arrest for a felony), to “not take the law into your own hands” (even though we got along just fine for about a hundred years without “LEO’s” altogether), encouraged to “dial 911!” when we need help, that citizens are bumbling idiots who cannot be trusted to defend themselves or take care of themselves, taught to think of police as Holy Avengers sent from On High to protect us, and then when society has grows to rely on the police (even though you and I both know that SCOTUS ruled the police have no duty whatsoever to protect you personally – only society at large), then according to you it’s OUR fault?

    How does that work?

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1


    Actually in Wyoming, everyone can make misdemeanor arrests. Its a more enlightened state, and everyone carries a gun, no permit needed.

    I don’t know who fed you that line of BS over the years, but where I grew up, everybody kept a gun behind the door and knew jow to use it. You were expected to take care of the trouble, if you could.
    Is it better to let a paid servant take care of the problem, to limit your liability? Then and now.

    There’s a Catch-22 going on here.
    People want instantaneous LE presence, that is the expectation from 90% or better of the people, and they will raise holy moly when it takes a deputy 30 minutes to cross the county because the county commissioners cut the budget and the department can’t keep more than one deputy on through the night.

    Instantaneous service requires more cops than any of us want or are willing to pay for. I don’t want it, and you certainly don’t.

    People need to take responsibility for their actions as well as their defense. Get a gun, learn how to use it, learn the laws.

    So why do I advocate leaving trouble to LE when you can?
    Here’s a good reason, Zimmerman.
    How many millions do you have laying around for a criminal defense? Do you want to be the one on the stand as the accused or the witness/victim?

    We want the same things, you and I.
    We are not so far apart.

    Except that today my old badge has a mourning shroud on it for the NY Trooper who was intentionally run down and killed during a traffic stop the other day.


    And “our fault”?

    That may be so.
    Back in Colorado, a domestic violence law was passed by the voters despite law enforcements warnings.

    It basically put the officer on the spot.
    If there was any evidence of a domestic, the primary agressor went to jail. Period.
    If the “victim” used the right words, the other went to jail. Period.
    If the victim felt threatened, jail.
    And so on.

    No officer disgression, no cooling off period, no going to a hotel for the night, jail.

    This is what the people wanted, they voted it in.

    As a comedic example of the law being enforced as the voters passed it, a woman went to jail for throwing doughnuts down the stairs at her husband. He scratched his head on the endtable falling into the couch. The responding officers found her screaming at the top of the stairs, him passed out (drunk) on the couch surrounded by blood and doughnuts.

    They had her threats, the blood and were bound by law to act, she went to jail.

    Oh, didn’t I mention the part where a failure of an officer to act would mean their arrest.

    Sometimes bad laws are enforced just so someone will challenge them, hopefully.

    LE doesn’t create laws, they’re just stuck with them, good or bad.

    And Avengers? Hardly.
    Armed janitors most of the time.


    I don’t know who fed you that line of BS over the years, but where I grew up, everybody kept a gun behind the door and knew jow to use it. You were expected to take care of the trouble, if you could. -

    Oh, I dunno… try almost the entire Northeast. Or Commiefornia. I confess I do not remember where you said you grew up, but those areas above are not the South. They represent gigantic hunks of the US that backstop my point re: citizens are bumbling idiots incapable of defending themselves with anything more lethal than a pointy stick…

    As far as Zimmerman/Crayon issue is concerned, Zim had a righteous shoot. The “diversity” crabbed and bawwed until a “special prosecutor” was appointed to railroad him…

    I’ll tell you what, Whirl… I never let anyone back me down. I just flat out do not give a **** anymore. I don’t intimidate. It has resulted in me getting my ass beat on occasion, but I won’t let a bunch of dirtbags with a political agenda to push intimidate me…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    Were can I get one? Here in California that would probably apply to most of my neighbors!

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