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    Mr. Red
    Mr. Red

    As most of you have noticed I’ve been one who’s always beating the drum when it comes to security and defence as it pertains to our lives now, and that in a SHTF world.

    An important way to relay information when it comes to encountering a group of people, in a SHTF environment or in our world today as we say recently with the Bundy Ranch incident, is the SALUTE report. It’s a military term, and it’s purpose is to relay back the most critical information as possible in the least amount of time.


    Here is an example of how to use it, with regards to a grid down type scenario, via radio comms.

    S- 8 men
    A- Entering homes, some gunfire heard from within, have 3 guards outside
    L- 9 blocks away on 34th street, blue house with burnt out car in front
    U- Dressed mostly in black, most have red bandannas somewhere on their body
    T- Now (1800hrs)
    E- 3 outside armed with AK style rifles, of other 5, 2 pistols, 1 shotgun, and other 2 with AR.

    Just something that might be good to know if you don’t already know the SALUTE report. Feel free to add your thoughts on the idea, or how you could use it today.

    Canadian Patriot. Becoming self-sufficient.


    Thank you for this Mr. Red!
    Great info to know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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