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    Ordinarily I wouldn’t waste my time reading a story about Monica Lewinsky, let alone one written BY Monica Lewinsky. But something caught my eye, and I was prompted to see what it was about. For the most part, it amounts to her still trying to get over the trauma she faced once her story came out. Diagnosed with PTSD? I get that, given what’s in this story. I came away with mixed feelings about a person that was once barely an adult, clearly way in over her head, yet we still hold 22 year olds accountable before the law. It strikes me as profoundly sad that she will never be able to have much of a private life (which she also doesn’t help with her periodic re-entries to the public stage). But otherwise, it’s a story I could live without – except for this.

    The scenario that prompted the article is that she was eating dinner with family in a nice restaurant in NYC last December when suddenly she spotted a man in a hat walk in, and realized that she recognized him even though she never actually met him face to face before (which I’d never thought about, but suddenly found amazing, while at the same time realizing just how insulated special prosecutors really are from the real lives they are affecting). The man? Ken Starr, the man that used her to get to the President.

    In the article she relates the following:

    I felt determined, then and there, to remind him that, 20 years before, he and his team of prosecutors hadn’t hounded and terrorized just me but also my family—threatening to prosecute my mom (if she didn’t disclose the private confidences I had shared with her), hinting that they would investigate my dad’s medical practice, and even deposing my aunt, with whom I was eating dinner that night. And all because the Man in the Hat, standing in front of me, had decided that a frightened young woman could be useful in his larger case against the president of the United States.

    And I immediately thought about the stories that are coming out about how Robert Mueller is doing exactly the same thing to plenty of other innocent people at this very moment to achieve what – justice? Just more ruthless destruction of people with no thought or care about what it might do to them forever after. And even after 20 years, Starr couldn’t even offer a tiny bit of regret or apology to the woman he’d used, along with her innocent family.

    Anyone going into politics any longer is either naively stupid, or else hellbent on going for the gold: power and gain (the motivation behind ultimate evil).

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    How much cocaine did she do in the bathroom with Bill. The media raped her. What does CNN call it. Oh yes – Blood sport. It was The Cable that produced directed and became the star of the Parkland massacre. Its a creature with no remorse, no sympathy and definitely no morality. They loved the monster Hillary. Sleazy Bill, not so much but he was photogenic. Monica, just dog food. She at least lived thru it. Seth Rich wasn’t that lucky. Nor was Vince Foster. And yet the demo still flip seats in Congress. Until President Trump no one ever fought The Cable Company.

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