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    If you live in North America or Europe now or soon will be prime chickweed season. I’ve just spent a few days ripping the stuff up out of my gardens – there is tons of it all around. If you look about in the areas mentioned, you’ll start seeing it everywhere. It’s prolific. Most people think of it as a pest/weed. Think again!

    -It makes a very fresh salad, can be added to tons of stuff – some people fry it. (Just google for recipes although I’ll link to two of my favorites for you.)
    -it’s very hardy and just about everywhere you look in it ‘s growing area (which is broad) – you do nothing to grow it
    -chickens and turkeys LOVE this stuff so it’s a great, free food for them

    Yank some up (once you verify that’s what it is of course). Wash it, spin it then use it. I take the time to cut off as many of the long stems as I can as they can be stringy if you add too many and use it all the time in my salads.

    Here are my favorite two recipes (creamy chickweed dressing and spring salad) to use it in specifically when not just added to a regular salad with other greens.

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    Thanks for the recipes Tweva. The Tswana people eat it like spinach. They add it with fried onion to mashed potatoes. You can even make tea with it. Lots of Vitamin C

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    It looks familiar. I’m sure I’ve pull it up out of gardens and flower beds before. A winter project I have in mind is to learn more about edible weeds.


    Thanks Tweva!
    During the SHTF I ate lot of similar plants, and I learned that man can survive for some time doing that. I did not like it in that time, later I learned that with proper preparing and recipes it can be pretty good.

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