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    With all the doom and gloom going around, here is some good news; an article about illegals leaving the US for Quebec. There apparently has been a sharp uptick in recent months. The specific of the article are across the border in NY, but presumably they are exiting via VT too. At least I hope they are. I’ve seen estimates that we have anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000 of them here, so maybe somewhere in the middle, 5 – 6,000 perhaps?

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    They won’t like it in Montreal. They’ll head to Toronto/Ottawa eventually and then west. Trudeau thinks Canada is empty But it’s trudeau’s head that’s empty. Let’s see. Mexico exports it’s problem to u.s.a, Ny exports it to Quebec, and then they reboot them to Ottawa and Toronto. A number will be redirected to Winnipeg. Good place for refugees. Bloody cold in the winter, hot as Tabasco in the summer. 1 million for us in California – the pickers, a few million dreamers to Canada and the rest deported back to Tijuana. Deal Mr. Trudeau or … you will be paying us for a wall. :-(

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    Mexicans going to Canada? Wow it is cold there. I’m not sure how much they will like the cold weather.

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