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    Brulen, I used to have a good friend up in Buffalo, a now-retired, fairly prominent judge. I say “used to,” because I think we’ve mutually realized we’ve got virtually nothing in common anymore. I went to school with him, and considered him one of my best friends long after college. When I last visited Buffalo, we ate lunch together, and I began to sense something not quite tangible was different. Then when he came out as a Hillary supporter, I was floored – I thought he was kidding at first, but quickly realized he wasn’t. I don’t know what happened to him between UB Law School and now, but there’s nothing left there that I feel any kinship with anymore, sadly. And he clearly seems to feel the same. We’ve talked perhaps twice in the past couple of years, and I suspect the last time was truly the last time. To hear him extol the virtues of Hillary, realizing he was sitting on the bench, was truly chilling.

    I blame the two parties. They are no more interested in the good of the country than I am in the good of the Pathet Lao. It is entirely about maintaining power, one over the other – at any cost (to the nation). Yet sometimes they align themselves to make sure the same ends are achieved (which I believe to be part of the much larger process, making them simply the two sides of the same coin). They will use race (the topic of the thread, so I can bring it back to that) as one of the multiple means of destroying the social and political order by any means necessary. Those are the two fundamental processes declared explicitly in the “marching orders” from 169 years ago. Be it communism, Antifa, Black Panthers, KKK, skinheads, or whatever within the U.S., and Arabs (actually anybody not Caucasian) vs. Caucasians world wide, they all are part of the same process of destroying the social and political order. Plus even the Caucasians are further divided among themselves by the class warfare set up by the two seemingly opposing ruling parties. In reality, it’s really quite simple once the fundamentals are understood. Then all the modern day nuances are not only not surprising, but can be seen as part of the very same ongoing process that’s actually been going on much longer than 169 years (one can argue it dates back to two sons of the original human beings, but that belongs in another topic altogether, unfortunately).

    I recall a left coast sports writer in the 60s that termed Buffalo the “armpit of the east.” We all rallied against such a deplorable statement back then. Now I could not be more happy to be [away] “from” there. And sadly, most still think that sprawling new UB campus in the 70s was the best thing to ever hit Buffalo. I would argue that given the political bent of the UB establishment (viewed personally and painfully from the inside), it was perhaps the worst, given its new capacity to churn out far more kids converted from common sense roots to socialism (and worse). (And don’t even begin to get me started on the Buffalo “police” force!).

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