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    In Miami Beach there are funding all the police have to have a video camera on them. I think this is a very good idea and there should be a law that says that anyone should be able to video any police action. This will stop over powered police officers and also help the good police officers that get a bad rap because of the bad one’s.

    There need to be a law that all police officers need to have video cameras on all the time.


    Actually I can say NACALT. Because they aren’t.

    I wasn’t, the guys I worked with weren’t. Ok, one but he got fired for it also and is out of LE work permanently.
    The guys here aren’t.

    You can post articles about all the bad ones,
    I can post articles about all the good ones.

    I do take it personally, just like I take it personally when each of these scumbags make the rest of us look bad.
    I may not wear a badge anymore, but it’s still there in spirit.
    People compare LE to a gang, it’s not.
    It’s a family. You may not like all your family members, but they’re still family.
    And like any family, one does something to embarrass himself, it embarrasses you all.

    On another forum I used to frequent until it went completely rabid, I asked what the difference was between painting all preppers/survivalists/patriots with the same brush, just like what happens with LE.

    Do you want to be put in the same basket as Martin Winters?


    Or Knapp?


    Or Smith?


    Or McVeigh?

    It really is the same, lumping idiots from the fringes in with the rest, of any group.
    Be it preppers, cops, patriots, it doesn’t matter, there are always bad ones and if we focus on the bad, we lose sight of the good.

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    I have said it many times here that what happens is that the bad is big news and all the good are never news.

    I also think that the military gear is not helping with the view of police officers. The public sees them as an army with a lot of power.

    I have many friends that are police officers and troopers all great friendly guys but they have told my that there is always a bad apple in every group. They also tell me that sometimes it is hard to tell on the bad apple.

    Whirlibird I believe you are a patriot, a prepper and an x cop and a good one. Just understand that the group is only posting about the bad ones and I personally talk about the bad ones. Remember there are bad doctors, we all know how many bad politicians there are, bad business men, bad bankers, bad realtors, and bad people everywhere.

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    Good point whirlibird about the crazy and/or dangerous preppers/survivalists. Some are bat **** crazy and/or dangerous and it makes me wince every time I read about one. It makes the rest of us look bad, especially on top of the govt. being hostile towards preppers.

    I will offer you up a good cop example. Last March my wife and a friend of hers from Maine were in Albuquerque, NM. Neither are situationally aware and its even worse when they are together. They stopped at some store after dark and exit just before it closes. They’re fiddling around arranging their packages in the rental car talking up a storm and not paying attention. All of a sudden my wife spots someone coming towards them and didn’t have time even to tell her friend to get in the car. Fortunately it was a cop that startled them because if it was a mugger or worse they’d of been his. The cop asks them if they’re OK and then tells them its not safe to be in that neighborhood alone at night and waits until they leave. That’s the kind of cop I grew up knowing. I know most are good, but I really do worry about where we’re headed with all these new rougher and confrontational procedures, SWAT Teams being used for minor matters, and the general militarization. Also the unions that fight to keep bad cops on the beat.

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    How does police detect that cash? Do they use specially “tortured” dogs to smell the banknotes (since many of the banknotes probably have traces of coke and other “illegal” drugs)?

    From what I’ve read elsewhere, it would be usually some kind of “signal” from competitors or even “partners”, so that the trusted LEOs would go and target the potential prey precisely and those LEOs would, usually, know what and how much to search for?

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