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    Looks like Germany is trying to strong arm everyone into falling in line with their agenda….. Funny how this comes around again. This is what, the 3rd time in 100 years that Germany has felt all froggy?

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    It is not looking good and will end in some type of war. This war may come to America too!

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    I have sometimes wondered if the The White House/Wall St cabal has had something similar in mind for North America. It would explain the open border with Mexico and their seemingly celebrating the flood of illegals pouring in from Mexico and Central America. Do they want so many from Latin America in the US so as to somehow justify a merger?

    As for Canada, guns are arguably the largest cultural difference between the two countries. If they could somehow regulate guns into a lesser presence in the US it would make a merger more palatable to the Canadians. Before anyone says that isn’t possible, we are only one Supreme Court justice away from the 2nd Amendment being gutted. And the left is looking forward to it.

    In the end though, what I suggest here is just the table setting waiting for the right crisis to bring it into the open.


    When in history has it ever been a good thing , when Germany was the dominant power in Europe ? Lets see now …………the Kaiser , HITLER ……….never a good thing . I applaud the UK for taking the first steps toward throwing off the Stalinist oppressor that is the EU . Hopefully others will quickly follow , and yet another failed attempt at Communism is put into the grave .

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    I have sometimes wondered if the The White House/Wall St cabal has had something similar in mind for North America.

    Has nobody here been listening over the years? Spend just 4½ minutes getting more educated.

    And if that became interesting, consider the following:

    Then watch this one and every time you hear the name “Bush” substitute the name “Obama.” It is an absolutely perfect fit – not kinda-sorta, but absolute.

    Pay attention in class, kids, or you’ll be surprised when your report card has a big red “F” on it.

    If you cared enough to listen through the other three, listen to Obama play stupid in the following video (starts at 4:25), blaming “certain blogs on the internet” and Ron Paul. Then watch the text quote from David Rockefeller immediately following Obama. Following that is Aaron Russo’s report of a conversation he had with Rockefeller during which he disclosed “an event” that would soon happen that would result in going into Afghanistan and Iraq (7:10). The conversation happened less than a year prior to 9/11. I can unequivocally promise anyone that our military were heavily training for desert warfare immediately PRIOR to 9/11.

    If you can listen to Obama’s little speech clip and NOT instantly notice multiple elements of Alinsky’s Rules, you haven’t been paying attention. And if there is any question at all about massive control of the media, just consider Rockefeller’s quote. There is much more — so much more. But few people, even here, want to know that much. Too many trolls still want to bring up that old straw man or red herring, communism, to distract.

    I am disclaiming any endorsement of the RFID information discussed starting at the 8:50 point of the last video. It has nothing to do with the preceding portion of this post.

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    American European Chinese bureaucrats. Bankrupt. Living in a fictionalized world of power money and privilege. They did a referendum to see how many peasants believed their lies …. Oops. A lot of unhappy miserable people out there. And now they want a super duper new vehicle with all the accessories. Crunch time for these fools. Give us all your money or else or we will huff and puff and blow your house down. Lol sickos.

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    L Tecolote

    Crunch time for these fools. Give us all your money or else or we will huff and puff and blow your house down. Lol sickos.

    Yeah, sickos, for sure. A world they don’t control — down to the way you tie your shoes, if any — is a world they’d sooner destroy, than let it fall into the hands of us peasants. Arbitrary power over others is as much a disease as an addictive drug. What makes them “not peasants?” The arbitrary power to issue currency at no cost? Or the mass “peasant” refusal to look at what they are doing, think, and understand? Maybe, a lot of both?

    Sure, trade them your land and your labor — for electrons and scrip, not even as precious as bright colored beads. When you’ve amassed your “education” on the cuff, your almost-paid-for home, your tidy little retirement fund, they’ll retract the magic BS money till you go broke, and have to hand over all you’ve worked for, then slowly let your kids and grandkids lather, rinse, repeat, all over again. What do you think they’ll do when they finally own the whole world? Hey, where’s your chip, peasant?

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    this should help NOT

    nothing left to take from most people and what you get now is blood not fat. it is a struggle for most to make ends meet and fewer are able to do that no matter how low they cheat the unemployment rate to. Add to that the same inflation rate (YEAH RIGHT) and ever increasing cost with a stagnant at best paycheck erosion of money by mass printing and here we are at the cusp of venezuala with most people clueless.

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