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    This year, around here, people are having a more than normal problem with carpenter bees. These bees look like bumblebees – but they aren’t! It’s easy, with all the things going on in the world to brush the problems they cause aside. But, do so at your own risk – especially if you live in a log and cedar home….or have lots of outbuildings or parts of your home of wood. There are a few hundred types of them and they are pretty much everywhere.

    They drill a small to almost inch, perfectly round hole. They don’t eat the wood. The telltale signs they are around, in case you aren’t paying attention are piles of wood (might make you think you have termites). See a picture from my machine shed below. I am looking at another in a fence picket right outside my office window as I write this.

    I’d suggest actively doing something about them. They go so far in, make a right turn and then literally bore out a tunnel in the wood making it weak. Then too rain and other bugs get in there and you end up, over time with a costly problem.

    My best friend was all thrilled they had finally saved up the money to ‘redo’ her kitchen and add a bit of space. Outside of area they were going to expand was wood siding. Well, no more kitchen redo – the entire house siding and the columns supporting the big porch had become infested/damaged by the things over the years and all had to be repaired, supported and/or replaced.

    I find a hole or see the sawdust pile and look up or under and find it, shoot wasp killer foam into it with the nozzle right up against the hole. Then I cut piece of steel wool and shove it in the hole (they, in my experience, will eat through wood putty or wood plugs).Make sure your place is still standing when SHTF!

    here’s a site I found quickly that explains the problem – don’t know them.

    Picture of bee with tell-tale hole from apluscleans dot com

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    Wow! I never knew that there was carpenter bees. It looks like paint will stop them. I think you need to make the wood not look like wood. Paint colors like blue, white, maybe green and make sure to cover it good.

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    I live in a log home and we’ve had problems with carpenter bees. If you see fresh holes you can plug it with calk either very early the day or at the end of the day when they are inside their nest, and they’ll just die there rather than try to tunnel themselves out the way a carpenter ant would.

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    Novus Ordo

    Thanks Tweva – I’d seen the big bumblebees do something like this, but never saw one that looked like a regular bee.

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