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    [The “editing bug” trashed this when I tried to fix some typos, so here it goes again.]

    I found this little tidbit a couple of days ago (18 July 2018), and checked to see who all had it. It turns out all sorts of news services “had” it on that date, but no one seems to be reporting it on any of the major network propganda newz channels. Here are the opening and closing paragraphs, with the link to where I originally found it, concerning $130 BILLION worth of Russian gold discovered in South Korean waters – and the plans for it. But what’s interesting is that this story was also available to AP, UPI, Bloomberg, and even Popular Mechanics, among many major news organizations – all on the same date. Pay attention to the last paragraph, and consider the following questions, among others:
    1. What negotiations occurred between Russia and South Korea to arrive at the 50% figure to go to Russia?
    2. How much discussion and negotiating had to be done before plans were announced to develop tourism on the relatively uninhabited island off which the ship was found? And what do Koreans care about a 110 year old wreck, sufficient to build a museum dedicated to it?
    3. What really caught my attention is the plan to “donate” a “portion” of the money for construction of “a railway from Russia to South Korea through North Korea.” (italics is mine)

    Sunday, a team of South Korean, British and Canadian divers discovered the wreck of a sunken Russian warship that is believed to contain 200 tons of gold bullion and coins, equivalent to $130 billion, according to The Daily Telegraph.
    . . .
    The Telegraph reported that half of the treasure found would be handed over to the Russian government, while 10 percent would be invested in tourism projects on Ulleungdo Island, including a museum dedicated to the ship, and a portion of the gold will be donated to joint projects for developments in north-east Asia, such as a railway from Russian to South Korea through North Korea.

    Thus we learn that apparently some unnamed entities have decided to wire completely around China to build a railway that runs from Russia into North Korea, down through all of North Korea unmolested, and into South Korea for unnamed (presumably trade) purposes. China is out of that loop and/or agreed to it? Russia’s negotiating with North Korea as well as South Korea big time for something like this? South Korea is negotiating big time with BOTH North Korea and Russia on this? (Gee – I thought it was a breakthrough when Kim and Moon gleefully met in the DMZ.) This isn’t the kind of deal that is hammered out in a day or a week. And Russia is clearly operating big time in that region if this reporting is anywhere near accurate. And here naive lil’ ol’ me thought it was just the US, China, and North Korea, and nobody else was talking with the NoKos.

    How can a railroad run from Russia to South Korea, through North Korea? Easy – but little known. Just 100 miles southwest of Vladivostok is a mere 10 mile border between Russia and North Korea. The huge border between China and North Korea ends just 10 miles from the Sea of Japan in the Tumen River, where Russia’s border with China ends (and begins with North Korea, across that short segment of the river). And that segment (a long one) between Russia and China runs in some cases just YARDS from the river, with China having an extremely narrow border between Russia and North Korea, sometimes with all three countries being only yards apart – very interesting “landscape.”

    According to the announced plans which would seem highly unlikely to have been announced without a reasonable assurance that negotiations had already been far along in progress, North Korea has agreed to permit the railroad to be built the full length of it’s nation, and South Korea has agreed to be on the receiving (and sending) end – all for the benefit of Russia and South Korea, with China being no part of the deal. Makes perfect and easy sense (NOT!). Yet China will be within sight distance of this railroad that bypasses them completely – and not a (public at least) peep out of China.

    So, who’s been talking to who, for how long, and about what? All the news that’s fit to print, fair and balanced, and all that kinda stuff…. Just another routine day in the world of international relations that we the people know nothing about.

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    Edited to correct spelling:
    GS, Fascinating! (Including the discovery, the proposal — or is it “proposition? — and the nearly perfect lack of nooz coverage in America.) I did a Startpage search for, “railroad south korea to russia,” and got this pedestrian British report:
    … and(more interestingly, this:
    (note the dates.) I wouldn’t try to predict how it’ll all add up, but it’s the world we live in.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    That spinning sound is my Grandfather in his grave.
    After his time in Korea, he was a rabid anti-communist.
    The look on his face in the picture taken on Pork Chop Hill says it all.

    The commies are at it again.

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    Actually WB, it’s in stereo. The other half of the sound is my own grandfather who has joined yours in the “chorus.” He also learned about it first hand, but his case it was in Siberia 100 years ago this year (and next) during WWI. He saw first hand what the major beginning of communism was all about, and came back totally committed to a constitutional capitalist system as the only viable option. Only with that combination (Constitution and capitalism) can the checks be maintained on the greedy, predatory, and fundamentally evil posterior orifices of the world.

    Hmmmm…. I think I’ll go find a recording of Richie Havens at Woodstock, with his “Freedom” song, and put it on “Repeat” for a while.

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