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    Yesterday was the 4th of July.
    Biggest day of the year for our fireworks stands.
    As well as a pretty decent display put on by the city, then all the displays at home before and after.

    Unfortunately someone tried to burn down part of town. A fire started yesterday afternoon behind one neighborhood, headed up the hill, towards another neighborhood.
    Living in a mountainous area has its advantages and disadvantages.
    In this case, the usual wind assisted the fire, but at the same time, the hills themselves provided little more than sagebrush for fuel.

    Looks like there will be a bunch of smoke damage but little else until the spring thaw and the subsequent mudslides.

    What am I driving at here?
    Nature doesn’t care about you, your property or anything. Your house burns down, you freeze to death, a child drowns, nature doesn’t care one way or another. Plan accordingly.

    The burn has needed to happen for years, but being in town has prevented that.
    Our fire department did a phenomenal job, preventing any structural loss, and most people evacuated per instructions.

    But what happens when something like this happens during a SHTF situation.
    No power, no water, no firemen.

    How many families would be displaced or dead?
    Prepped or not, disasters strike and nature doesn’t care. Its up to you.

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    L Tecolote

    Good reminder, Whirlibird! Brushing/weeding, fireproofing, reinforcing, drainage maintenance — it’s up to us. It’s worthwhile to inspect, think, even imagine, what nature could do, & take action.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    Brian Du Fresne

    Definitely something to think of for the area I live in, thanks for the insight..

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    Just as people need to be cognizant if they live in areas where wildfires can happen, people also need to be cognizant if they live in areas with flood potential. FEMA won’t be coming to your aid come SHTF.

    The potential for a field fire is one of the reasons I mow and weed whack around a one room schoolhouse built in 1808 that is across the road from me. It is owned by a defunct group whose members are mostly deceased and is essentially an abandoned building, so I do my part until the day comes the local historic society can figure out how to take ownership. My fear is if the grass were allowed to grow into a field that some idiot tossing a cigarette out their window could ignite a fire that would quickly consume the building.


    We just spent the past three months teaching in Haiti. Our area is a bit like the American Southwest, dry, gravelly, scattered thorny trees and not much else due to rampant stray goats. Bushrat is training some Security men for protecting the Mission (I’m sure some of you are aware of the riots and unrest) and talked about fire/disaster drills. Our supervisor said “Everything is built of block and concrete. We don’t have fires…” Then one young couple’s house burned down in the night…tinder-dry roof rafters and ceiling beams. Thank God they escaped. Fires WILL happen. Be prepared.

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