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    A “mysterious” nuclear cloud drifted across Europe, and the origin has been located to an area around the Russia/Kazakhstan border. The Russians say they’re aware of the cloud, but are taking the SGT Schultz approach: “I know nothink!” Possible reprocessing operation gone wrong, but who knows? The Russians certainly don’t, even though the same event in Europe or the U.S. would have caused population protection measures for several miles around the “leak” site.


    The release began around 27 September, yet news reports only started appearing more than a month later. That last news link talks about the (present tense) cloud passing over Europe, but further down in the body, it acknowledged that the cloud was “weeks” ago.

    Then there’s the fact that Japanese cars aren’t quite all they’ve claimed to be. It seems that Kobe Steel has been churning out sub-standard metals for years, including materials that eventually become “products sent to 525 companies, including aluminum castings and copper tubes for autos, aircraft, appliances and trains.”

    I wonder when we’ll get our auto/truck recall notices informing us to come in and get replacements for our recalled chassis, body, panels, etc., etc., etc. Yeah, right…..

    But meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian might have a baby bump. Or maybe not. And Trump dumped fish food into a tank (after the Prime Minister did it first). And Trump didn’t take any reporters questions after his meeting with Xi (after Obama didn’t take any on his first trip there either). And Senator Menendez continues as a sitting senator despite his current corruption trial from which he will now likely be found not guilty. You remember – the same trips to the Dominican Republic during which he also allegedly slept with underage girls. But we only hear about his alleged corruption in connection with the island trips just a few years ago, while calls for the immediate stepping down of Roy Moore dominate the “news” from 40 years ago. Don’tchajust love the “news?”


    I’ve thought for a long time that having some means to detect elevated radiation, even just a tag that changes color, could be worth having on view so you can know what might be going on that the .gov isn’t telling us, or only tells us when it’s too late.

    Bugs Bunny: "I speak softly, but I carry a big stick."
    Yosemite Sam: "Oh yeah? Well I speak LOUD! and I carry a BIGGER stick! and I use it, too!" BAM!


    They did the same thing with the last nuclear accident , kept it quiet in hopes of getting a handle on it , before word got out . This would make number three . Everybody knows about Chernobyl ………………but there was one BEFORE that . The CIA kept it quiet , in order to prevent public concerns over our own fledgling ( at the time ) nuclear power industry .

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