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    Tsar Alexander

    So, just a bit of background–I have had a sinus infection for quite a while now, even after a few doctors’ visits.

    While going through all that, it got me thinking–what happens if you have a “minor” ailment in SHTF? Obviously I am still very much alive and able to move, but it’s very annoying to me, and it saps some of my energy.

    So, I wanted to hear thoughts from other people–how do you prepare for “minor” ailments? Will there be any resources after SHTF for dealing with this, or will it all be tied up in dealing with serious issues? Will people expect any less of you for being sick?

    These are just some things I thought up, since I think minor sicknesses are overlooked.

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    Novus Ordo

    Tsar – personally I prep for as many ailments as I can physically store and gain treatment knowledge over time. I store homeopathic remedies and OTC remedies. You can also look into alternative “veterinarian” meds. This is a normal way of life just because I don’t like to go to the doctor (or pay for him). I keep track of what family members get what and how many times and stock from there – but also expand to things we might have never had for at least some treatment.

    My personal opinion is during a SHTF there will be little or zero treatments available for “minor” ailments. The hospitals and such will more than likely be very overwhelmed with “serious” and “critical” ailments to take time out and supplies for anything “minor”. I’m sure Selco and others might have some real world experiences with this.

    Everyone gets sick – I don’t believe they will look less at your unless you are milking the treatment to get out of work. People know when you cannot work and when you can.

    Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
    - Thomas Paine

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    You can stock up on basics for minor injuries and perhaps some fish meds for certain illnesses, but I think it will be mostly “suck it up and keep moving” territory in a world of limited resources. People with any amount of medical training will be called upon for advice or assistance.

    They’re pretty much all gone now but it used to be that folks in rural areas where there was little in the way of medical resources used home remedies. My grandmother was from a farm in a tiny village on the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. This is that wild and rugged chunk of land above New Brunswick where the St. Lawrence enters the ocean, It’s practically one of those “you can’t here here from there” places and so she learned certain things from her mother. Growing up we never went to a doctor unless we needed stitches, vaccinations, or surgery. Everything else she took care of with her home remedies, and I suspect she’d of done stitches too if my mother had let her. That knowledge base is gone, but I suspect there will some relearning along the way.


    Depends from SHTF scenario, but I think it is make sense to be very good prepared with medical knowledge an resources for SHTF.
    There s always gonna be people with more medical knowledge then you when SHTF, but it is gonna be valuable knowledge, so you gonna have to pay for it.
    Learn today as more as you can.
    By the way during the SHTF my relative treated sinus problems with Chamomile inhalation, to have right plants around your home make sense.
    Being sick in SHTF time is bad thing, ad it is one more reason why it make sense to have good group of people around you, to help you when you are crippled, unable to get food, trade or defend.

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