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    I went under my house for a look at a potential electrical improvement, and was surprised to hear water spritzing against the inner side of the pony wall from the foundation, where the cold water line comes in from the street. But there it was, squirting a fine stream, from a lateral line laying against the short studs.

    Cursing the Chinese manufacturer for a defective product (since I had replaced that particular run about ten years ago, I shut off the house line, measured twice, determined that I had not outsmarted myself by shortening the standard 72” length, drove off to Lowe’s & bought a replacement. Since I was still condemning the maker of the leaking pipe, I looked carefully to see if I could tell from whence the replacement pipe came. I was surprised to see “South Africa,” lightly stamped into the pipe.

    After scrambling around, and more bad language, I managed to get the replacement in, “doped,” properly snugged, and the House resupplied with water. Then, I noticed that the leak which got my attention earlier, was not the only corroded spot on the 6 foot pipe. There were corrosion spots, almost as large, eveywhere the pipe had touched the studs! Why? Well, shortly before I had first replaced the pipe, about that decade ago, I had painted those studs, and a lot of underfloor supporting wood, with an anti-termite product called “Terminix,” which contains Chromium and other metallic salts…turns out, it kills pipes almost as well as it kills bugs! I’ll need to put a buffer (sheet vinyl plastic?) between the treated wood and any steel pipe. And while China has its faults, that pipe was not one of them!

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    The word “whoops” comes to mind.

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