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    I’m a tad early here but Merry Christmas to all, and for the non-Christians here I send warm wishes in the spirit of the holiday. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be heading out to spend Christmas with daughter & her family in North Carolina after doing an early Christmas here in Vermont with son & his wife this weekend. Got a couple small water tight/air tight military surplus storage containers from my son with a box of 22 ammo inside one of them. Not sure what I’ll use the containers for but a useful gift for sure in some manner. I bought them each Sports Berkeys with extra filters for their bug out bags. After they leave later today I will start packing my wife’s car which will be a test of my organizational skills. Its a small SUV that is full in a normal trip because of how much stuff she packs, but this time I have a small mountain of presents to bring, Christmas and birthday, stuff from us and presents from our son. She says she’ll pack light but seeing is believing. Amongst the presents is a Big Berkey for them even if its not something that they think they need.

    If you could hold the world together for a week or so until we get back on the 30th it would be much appreciated. As noted in the past I hate being more than a tankful of gas away from home these days.

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    Merry Christmas MB – have a fabulous time with your family! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one gives practical sorts of gifts to my family. And, don’t worry…i think this is a calm period before a storm in the world so to speak. Know what you mean about being away from home.

    But, MB if somethin happens and you’re on 81 in VA send me an em. Be glad to help although I am over the mountains!

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    Merry Christmas MountainBiker, tweva and the rest of the SHTF School. It’s the solstice today so the light will be coming back into the world tomorrow. It will help everyone’s mood… A good hit of fermented cod liver oil wouldn’t hurt either!

    I’m not much of a gift giver, consumerism and all that, but I’ve had some bad news this fall about how sick some of my extended family have become. The word Alzheimer’s disease is being whispered and I have another relative with chronic sinus infections. She now lost her voice and she’s a lecturer at a local university. She uses two hearing aids and she is younger than me.

    I’ve been doing some research and I hope to make up a few remedies…. But the greatest gift we can give our families is our devotion and love. I feel the last couple of years I have been too focused on myself. I’m hoping I can change my ways in the coming future.

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    “the greatest gift we can give our families is our devotion and love” amen

    Thank you for the community you have created.

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    Merry Christmas, to all my friends on the forum. God Bless You.


    God’s greatest gift is eternal life through His Son–given to us that first Christmas. May all of you experience His blessings and peace into the New Year! And have a great trip, MountainBiker!


    Merry Christmas to all the believers,
    Happy pagan holidays to those who swing that way,
    I will avoid the rest of my wishes, for they are not in the spirit of the season.

    But heartfelt prayers for the families of the NYPD officers who fell as well as all of their brothers in blue, stand tall, shoot straight and god speed.

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    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all. Let’s pray or hope for a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Keep safe, and alert.

    To the policemen who defend us every day our heartfelt prayers for your safety. As the son of policeman, I knew the joy of seeing dad come home from a shift.

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    Merry Christmas to all! Behold, a savior is born!

    I really don’t think anything will happen until later 2015, but we’ll hold down the fort for ya, MB!

    May everyone find peace and joy this holiday season,

    – Greg (PS that’s only my nickname. my OPSEC isn’t THAT bad ;) )

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