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    Even on the forum caution is advisable. However there are a number of posters on the this forum that I have a high level of trust and respect. We just don’t live anywhere near each other which may be a good thing under certain situations.

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    I have only ever met two folks from another forum that I had known there for quite a while first. We all three of us met in a neutral place the first time. One of them has become a good friend and we see each other a few times a year. He lives about an hour and a half from me.

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    same goes for me, I have met one person, more of a survivalist than a prepper-like me-, we meet face to face in a neutral location maybe 4 times a year .

    British Survivalist.

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    Good discussion. Oh my….heels.I can’t imagine wearing them. Even 10 years ago I’d have a back ache for a week to wear a heel. I’ll take flat sole shoes/boots to meet the season at hand.

    I use a vpn on one computer but my laptop still isn’t working to let me use it. sigh
    If there is a will there is a way. I consider my laptop actually safer as far as what someone can pick up sitting a block away but not that safe without vpn.

    I offer products,newsletter and information to those for backwoods living and survival.(actual there is a sub group of those serious not general goofballs) I watch and listen. Most I wouldn’t take camping in town at this point. Around me there aren’t too many I’d want to be in a survival situation besides my daughter, son–in-law and grandkids. My 10 year old grandson could shoot the arse off of someone at a good distance already if he had to. As long as my son-in-law leaves his relatives behind. Sadly, they could choose unsafe family over being safe. Everyone has choices but some just want to be dumbed down sadly
    As time goes on I realize time is short to be ready and prepared. I don’t live in fear or stupidity. They will paralyze me. Yet our administration in US is not simply ‘up to something’ it’s happening behind the backs of those who don’t want to know and continually happening.

    So bottom line at this point, I wait and prepare but connecting is “if’ at this point.


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    L Tecolote

    Good advice, Gent & Rogue. High heels won’t do on a hike, or a bike. If the woman you’re likely to be travelling with is your wife, girlfriend, or relative (otherwise, why?) you might want to take her shopping for shoes or boots she would be able to walk in (before SHTF), then go walking/camping at least enough to get them broken in, and stash them as best suits your plans.

    Alternatively, if that’s a non-starter, you might want to consider a folding bike trailer, or a more reasonable travelling companion. ;-)

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    Rule #1 have guns
    Rule #2 have friends with guns.

    In a SHTF situation having an organized group that trains and prepares together is a must.
    Individuals stand little chance.
    The key is to evacuate and ride out the storm elsewhere.
    There are two types of “bugging”, out & in.

    Bugging in may be appropriate during a natural disaster of limited scope.
    Bugging out may be required in a collapse of law and order situation.

    In either event, having friends that can assist with security and their own preps is asset.
    Anyone in the Dallas metroplex area that is interested in such a group please PM me.
    We have a group about 50 strong. We train, prep, and have a bug out hunting ranch hours outside
    the Dallas area. Vetting processes occur. I’m new here so I understand the skepticism.
    We seek about 10 more members. Medical/military training a plus but not a must.
    Must have (or plan to have) 90 days of preps for you and your family.
    Ability/willingness to participate in monthly training required. (we’re not ridged on this but expect participation)

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Wish we had something like that here in central PA!

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    Google Pennsylvania militias you will find many armed groups for protection……..maybe.


    I live in Northern Wisconsin, USA if someone wants to get together. I am near the Minnesota and Iowa boarders as well if you live near there.

    "It is not that I can and others can't. It is that I will and others won't."

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    I am willing to meet people who are from the Southern California area to add to our small group of people.
    As Moby posted and states:
    Rule #1 have guns
    Rule #2 have friends with guns.
    Rule#3 Must have (or plan to have) 90 days of preps for you and your family.
    Rule#4 Ability/willingness to participate in monthly training required.

    Hey everyone, just like Nariyna is, I’m Mike, here in Los Angeles area, looking to connect with real, genuine people who have survival mindsets. I’m preparing for earthquakes and possible civil unrest especially that’s most likely possible in my area.

    I believe TRUST and INTEGRITY is key in building successful relationships. Especially if this relationship involves the survival of yours, myself, and the entire community.

    If I can sense anyone who doesn’t have one of those tenets, then we can just shake hands, and call it off. It takes two to cooperate.

    Anyone here in SoCal or LA area, Feel free to send me a message


    Hey Mike,
    Hit the introduction page and let us know who you are.

    And welcome to the forum

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