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    Yes freedom, I said $53K for boarders. That doesn’t count books which can easily run another $1K nor does it count certain extra curriculars the kids do. Some charge foreign students a bit more. There is no shortage of wealthy people willing to pay the price. What they get is a world class education by teachers without tenure, a curriculum not hindered by Common Core, and facilities second to none. Bad behavior will get you booted out. Dress codes are enforced. The boys at one of the schools that was in my town wear a tie and jacket to class still. The elite in DC and in Governor’s mansions across the country don’t send their kids to public school, but they are glad to demand Common Core for everyone else. When certain people would come to visit their kids or grandkids, the Secret Service, State Police, Embassy Security, etc. would swoop through town 1st. Something us locals got a chuckle one year was when the nationally known Governor of a major State’s kid was graduating and we figured he thought he’d be the keynote speaker. That same year another nationally known Governor of another major State’s kid was also graduating and we figured he thought he’d be the keynote speaker, but the last laugh was on both of them as they had to sit in the audience with the rest of the parents because a former President’s nephew was graduating and so he was the keynote speaker. Talk about security preparations. Foreign Heads of State get serious security preps too. These schools are a whole other world that few really know exist, but New England is chock full of them.

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    MB, that is incredible, they have to be very rich to pay that.

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