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    Behind every “movement” is a core philosophy. Not studying and understanding the core philosophy of a movement is to be misled, or at least led for the wrong reasons. Welfare programs sound great to poorly educated people, but the core philosophy behind them is horribly pernicious, going back especially (and even before) to Marx’ and Engels’ ‘masterpiece’ of 168 years ago, supplemented by Cloward’s and Piven’s 50 year old article in The Nation magazine, quickly followed by Saul Alinsky’s work that was capped off by his final work, “Rules…,” five years later.

    But then there is the other side – the side currently losing ground at a rate that is well beyond alarming. Two of my very favorite core philosophers in this realm, are Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell – brilliant men who started out in a wholly opposite direction from where they spent the later parts of their lives. Interestingly, both became PhD economists – not a place I’d have expected to find solid and wide ranging core philosophy – particularly after Marx’s influence in the case of Sowell, and Malcolm X’s influence in the case of Williams. The following video starts off a little slow, looking more like just a personal biography of Walter Williams. But toward the middle and continuing on through to the end, one gets an increasingly heavy dose of reality, common sense, and clear thinking (don’t miss the certificate of absolution and pardon for those of European ancestry at the end, if you’ve never seen it – hilarious!). Sprinkled through the video are brief comments by Thomas Sowell, as well. If you’re really interested in where these solid core philosophies come from and how they were developed, this may be the best opportunity for learning. If you’re already familiar but haven’t seen this particular video, it’s still well worth watching (titled, “Suffer No Fools”). It gets better and better as it goes along.

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