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    As I sat contemplating the 56, as well as patriotic family members passed, and the current political situation and foreign problems, I decided to act.

    So for almost two hours I stood at my loading bench, putting together almost 1100 rounds of pistol ammo.

    Granted 400 were for a friend, but I felt more “free” with every pull of the loading lever.
    Another 1000+ .40 bullets and bags of cases sit next to the press waiting. That reminded me to get out a couple more buckets of lead to take to my ‘caster’.

    I looked up at an almost complete AR upper, the final component, the barrel arrives tomorrow. And down at a handful of loaded standard capacity magazines, and had to smile.

    Further down the bench the .270 and .308 practice ammo waiting to be finished for the kids to get ready for hunting season. These and more will get loaded this week. It’s that time.

    A package of deer from last season sits thawing on the counter in the kitchen.
    A cold beer waits in the fridge for the light show tonight.

    More to do certainly, but not bad for a holiday.

    With all that’s happening, it’s time to focus on the important things, not the trivialities.

    Family and freedom.

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    L Tecolote

    Well said, and well done, Sir!

    The Mrs. and I have been prepping the house for a coat of paint in order to sell, so we can move out of Taxifornia. We’ll go see a movie (The Free State of Jones) tonight. Other than the occasional unauthorized fireworks in the neighborhood, the only fireworks show in town is over the Bay, which means standing in a crowd along the Embarcadero — not worth the hassle.

    Enjoy your evening!

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    Funny thing, we have been setting off fireworks for two days now.
    Tonite, it’s set back and watch the neighbors and the city show.

    The next door neighbor has a 4″ mortar, and his grand kids, I will be sleeping with earplugs in tonite.

    Something to be said for living in a free area.

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    I skipped the fireworks completely although I could hear them in the distance. With all that’s happened this year I just couldn’t go. Didn’t even think about it and didn’t care. Tonight though watched 13 Hours. Got the camo shirt with the dvd.

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    1700 rounds of .40 over a couple hours, and two afternoons.
    Completely out of bullets, but more coming.

    I feel better at least about that.

    Pulled the red dot off the AR, a dot reticle 3-9x scope replaced it. Both for hunting season, and general purpose use.

    All the stuff happening, I want distance and magnification.

    Bits and pieces being gathered again, leftovers from various builds, going to build at least another, a rifle this time.

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    The real test for the country is coming up in Cleveland. If the ptb can keep things under control we as a nation will probably struggle on for a while. The blm agitators need to be delt with as do the new black panthers.

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