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    Yea, pharmaceutical companies are completely new and big topic, huge money is there and that makes everything possible (or no rules) so they simply do not care for some stuff. Big profit.

    It is kinda scary thought, all of the people get off from the drugs because huge SHTF event.

    In my SHTF lot of folks died or have huge problems because no medicines, for example people died because they could not find insulin or similar.
    But black market was there for some stuff, for huge amounts of goods sometimes you could find needed medicine. And narcotics were circulating in that new society. There were “channels” that some people kept open for income of those kinds of stuff, and they earned a lot on that.

    But in some world wide SHTF event it would be devastating. It make sense to be very well stocked, and to know alternatives.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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