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    I think everyone will find this article interesting

    by Tyler Durden

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    Excellent article. It made me think of all the license plate readers out there on police vehicles and via stationary readers at strategic points. The stationary units are often in conjunction with cameras.

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    L Tecolote

    Many of the “necessary” steps have already been taken, and more techniques have already been developed and perfected. IBM helped the nazi disarmament and identification efforts with mechanical Hollerith card sorters before the age of computers. Few escaped then. and vast “improvements” in tracking every individual has been developed since the migration of the “Third Reich” to America.

    Of course, moderns so commonly carry cellular tracking devices that we’d set off the alarms for not having one. Mandatory tracking devices for vehicles are being considered in several states, allegedly to assess highway taxes more fairly. And the fedgov is going out of its way to jack with states that are predominantly populated by relatively self-reliant people.

    Wealthy power-freaks have lead in collapsing this nation. I suspect that they clearly understand the damage their efforts will lead to, plan to benefit on the way down, and to rule over, and cash in on, the ruins.

    But then, I’m probably just paranoid.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    depends on what the survival rate is post collapse.
    globalists are mortal too.

    British Survivalist.

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