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    They say no cure but talking to Doctors who specialize in this type of scenario the vitamin C is zero in dead people causing blood to leak out you will need almost 100,000 units for the 5-7 days the fever takes to run its course. Basically you need iv vitamin c in chance it will give your body time to catch up and kill virus. You can get it a vet for your animals.

    It is only a theory so far non will say if that is how they treated cases brought back here, but better than doing nothing.

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    Yet another reason to not like ticks.

    And on the general topic of ticks, because Lyme Disease has spread throughout most of the Northeast folks up here think in terms of ticks. My routine is to take a shower and put on clean clothes after I have worked in the yard or been in tall grass or brush anywhere. The thinking is if I picked up a deer tick that it’ll be gone before it has a chance to bite me. They are very tiny, unlike the kinds of ticks we used to check the dog for when I was a kid. Lyme disease continues to spread and so those here who live in lyme-free areas, its on its way. Ticks are not your friend.

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