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    After a previous topic post about assessment, I resolved to at least do 1 thing today about the stymied areas that I could. This is my 1 thing! – about moving forward with a BOL away from main house but still close by – because maybe one of y’all can help me?

    Problem: I have a board and batten building already (ok big damn run in shed) in what I believe is a good place for this already. I have put off doing something about it because…I can’t figure out how to insulate it because I get conflicting answers from builder/contractor guys I know. If someone can tell me true I could move forward!

    1) I can not afford to rip off the battens, warp the darn thing and recover it. So that is number one.

    2) The roof is plywood with tar paper and shingles. I have already put vents in the soffits. It is made of pressure treated 6 x 6, 8 x8 posts and other pressure treated lumber.

    3) My instinct is to caulk the sides of the battens using a latex rubberized clear caulk, then use spray foam insulation (have done this myself before) on the inside walls and underside of roof; and then, insulation (I would use the silver bubblewrap kind of stuff with the silver on both sides to reduce critter attraction, vapor barrier (would I need that if use the silver stuff?) and then interior covering (sheet rock or OSB board? or whatever that blue colored sheet stuff is called.)

    4) Some agree with me. Others have told me just to put tarpaper or typar on the inside of the walls between the studs and then insulate/vapor barrier etc and forget the caulking the battens etc.But, I think I will be growing mold if I do that.

    Can anyone help? If so, thanks vm for your time!

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    You can Tyvec the inside, insulate with fiberglass and cover it with drywall or anything else you want. Tyvec will let vapor pass through and you shouldn’t have a mold issue. Make sure you seal the seams of the tyvec to prevent air infiltration.

    Cauk is going to come loose some time down the road. As long as the battens are reasonably tight I would just painter up.

    There are otherways….got to run more later


    Tweva, you can buy 4’x8′ panels that are reflective on one side and are made from foam. The foam can go the outside or inside. Hot climates put shiny side out and vice versa in cold climate. You can then put 1/8th sheets of prefinished paneling on top of that. This also can be done on the ceiling. You can buy long, prefinished nails that will through the panels and foam board directly into the studs.
    One thing to do first is spray the entire inside with Timbor (link below) as this is the best bug killer going but it does not work in wet areas.



    Sorry, can’t help with isolation but if anyone has a question about passive cooling your home I learned a lot about it in the last couple of months! :)

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