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    Happy New Years everyone. May the world come to its senses in 2018.

    And for you GS, it is a chilly start. 21 below zero here right now. And it’ll get colder later this week.

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    And happy new year to y’all from the sunny South, where it’s currently 74° – – – inside.

    Yes, it was 21° here the morning, too. Oh, wait – you said below! 42° differential? Not even registering in my comprehension zone. Actually, we’re in the midst of a heat wave right now thanks to global warming kicking back in – it broke into non-freezing territory as early as noon today. Down in south Georgia they’re looking at some serious ice overnight and tomorrow though – rain falling into surface temperatures well down into the 20°s. That’ll be devastating for them – NO one knows how to drive in that stuff, and too many don’t know not to try it. Plus, their utility lines simply aren’t built for that sort of load. There will be a lot of power out, along with cable TV (and internet). I suspect the Georgia Power trucks from west Georgia are already rolling south and east.

    I remember that used to be great fun up north – we’d put on our skates and play hockey up and down the street all day. Since cars couldn’t navigate the ice sheets, we owned the streets in that kind of weather.. But now I join Archie and Edith Bunker as they sing, “Those were the days….”

    Be careful! And make sure you’ve got plenty of preps for warmth in your car in case you get stuck somewhere – though I suspect I don’t really need to remind you of that.

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    L Tecolote

    Best wishes to all for Health, Prosperity, and (dare I say, in Mr. Sessions’ USA?) Liberty, from warming Northeast Ohio, where it’s 72F (inside) and somewhere between the temperatures of Mar A Lago and Nome outside.

    For all the frickenfrack about cannabis, nothing has really changed about the Fedgov’s approach. Nor will anything of importance change about their success rate at forcible suppressin. Ever since articles have been published about the various agenices’ efforts to intercept and prevent the sale and distribution of various consciousness-altering substances, the intercept figures grow from year to year, but the estimated percentage of total “trade” remains 10 – 15%. In other words, overall, it’s a growth industry. Either Mr. Sessions is consciously playing the game, or he’s just trying to create more jobs in the Police-Legal-Jail sector of the economy.

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    … or he’s just trying to create more jobs in the Police-Legal-Jail sector of the economy.

    Given his stance on civil asset forfeiture, on top of massive reported campaign contributions from the private prison industry, I vote for your “or” alternative. Spot on. And I actually thought I liked Sessions. Let’s just pray that Romney doesn’t get into the Senate where he can continue his work at destroying the Republic sooner than Trump is delaying it.

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    Trump need to appoint Trey Goudy as AG. Fire Senile Sessions, the “low energy” prosecutor. Lincoln needed Grant, Trump needs Goudy.

    Duh, amazing, how many of these CNN idiots are still walking around spouting FBI resistence to Trump.

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