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    Found these guys a few months back. Bought some of their stuff, like magazine bags, musette bags, rifle slings, tools, etc… some of their stuff is reproduction, some the genuine article. I can speak firsthand that their reproductions are the equal of the genuine article and will provide good service. You have to look through what they have in inventory, since their inventory constantly changes, but there is always good stuff to be had, and their prices are outstanding for what they offer – example- a Bundeswehr D-handle shovel, forged steel and hardwood, full size, for 20 bucks. Typical German over-engineered goodness, and for 20 bucks? No way you can find that kind of quality on the open market for that price.

    I’m using one of their musette bags (also known as a ‘bread bag’) as a first aid kit. Really, really roomy, two main compartments, two smaller compartments. The two smaller compartments hold Red Cross First Aid books and sutures as well as other stuff. I took an old US Army medic red cross flash and stitched it to the flap as an identifier. Their magazine bags are high quality. Of course, you don’t have to use them for magazines, though I do – their Thompson SMG mag bag holds 10 fully loaded Suomi mags, no problem…

    Most of their useful stuff is in the Field Gear section… have fun. :)

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    Thanks for the link Malgus, will look at them.

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    Some interesting stuff.  Will have to spend some time window shopping.

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    I have purchased small items from them a few times, I have always been happy with them.


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