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    A couple of nights ago, digging through my GHB I ran across a piece of kit that still impresses me.

    Now let me get a few things out of the way, first I am in no way connected with the company.
    Secondly the original product was supplied for testing some 6-7 years ago, but multiple others have been purchased with my own funds since then.
    Thirdly, I am no fisherman so anything that can help me catch fish is a miracle tool. 

    The product? The Speedhook.

    Once in a while a product comes along that works like its advertised, this would be one.
    My initial thoughts of the Speedhook were not favorable, it looked gimmicky, and I caught my own thumbnail the first time I set it, the next time I read the instructions and it worked fine.

    Fishing? It took me a while to be able to cast it without tangling it up,  my casting style mucked it up, others with me could cast it fine. Again, I’m no fisherman.

    Used behind a canoe or off a jug float it is pure murder on fish, I put the Speedhook under a plastic soda bottle and let it drift away from shore, there was just enough ‘action’ from the float that I literally tagged out in minutes. During a Scout survival camp I again used the Speedhook and a hobo fishing reel (soda bottle with line wrapped around it) with another soda bottle as a float, and within an hour had enough to feed the kids for two days.
    After that I bought a dozen for various kits, including the kids kits.

    For those of you who are landlocked, it can be used to snare and catch various birds and critters also.  Altogether a marvelous piece of kit.

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    Looks like a nice setup, self setting hooks. I could see using a trot line set up with loads of them.

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    I will buy one for when I go fishing in the keys. There is so much fish there that anyone can be a fisherman.

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