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    The problem with staying ahead of the game, is that in certain areas, you are still days behind.

    Chicago, New York, Atlanta, I can catch a plane/train or whatever headed out within minutes.

    Fargo, Bismark, you ain’t getting out quick in an emergency unless you are driving or piloting yourself. And in the middle of winter, quick isn’t happening.

    If you’re not used to cold weather, the northern great plains are a killer. Men and machines.

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    Weather is weird right now. 20 degrees and snow flurries at night and 55 degrees during the day. I have purchased all of my extreme cold weather gear and am breaking in my boots. i am going to look around for a pair of snowshoes. One of the truckers told me he has a set in case he breaks down so he can walk out to get help. Sounds like good advice to me since the nearest civilization is miles away from where I work.

    I listen to the radio and check the internet from time to time to stay up on current events. I have even looked up ideas for the use of the sweet crude oil we pump out of the ground and I have discovered that it can be run as fuel for diesel engines straight out of the ground in many cases. It is also very very flammable because it is full of natural gas so I could carry some to use as a fire starter or for Molotovs if need be.

    I am learning more and more every day from those who were there in previous winters. It would certainly be difficult, if not impossible, to walk or drive out in the dead of winter if the roads are not being cleared so I am facing the real possibility that I would have to tough it out for at least part of the winter. I have quite a bit of canned food at all times and there is game to be taken as well as cattle in abundance. If it all goes to hell and I have to stick it out I will try and hire on to a local farm as a hand or for security or both until I can find a way out.

    I believe the real key to surviving is to remain flexible and never give up. You have to adapt to your situation.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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