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    Another thing to consider is fuel storage. We sometimes forget just how fragile the supply chain is, and many of us shouldn’t be in that position because we remember the complete non-availability of gasoline back in the 70s. Some may have seen on the news about the Alabama pipeline explosion the other day in which several workers were killed. That’s the second disruption of that pipeline in a very short period of time (a major spill occurred less than two months ago within a mile of the explosion the other day). Prices in the Atlanta area and further north, particularly, shot up massively after the big leak. And the same thing is reportedly going on again this time, even though promises are coming that the supply will resume within days.

    We have switched to the more expensive non-ethanol gas, and I could not find any price at all in the phone app from the station that carries it, so I called them. They reported that at the moment they have regular (ethanol added) and non-ethanol in 87 octane, but they are out and cannot GET premium or diesel, and don’t know when they can. We’re a bit south of Atlanta, and our prices didn’t go up as much as Atlanta did with the previous spill/disruption, so I can only guess what’s going on supply-wise further north. Due to distance and other commitments this evening, I can’t get to that station before they close today. They told me to try first thing in the morning because they aren’t even sure they’ll have gas later tomorrow.

    That’s real world. And that’s just one pipeline in relatively rural Alabama, with a temporary “fix” reportedly coming within a week (same as the major spill over a month ago). Imagine what would happen with just a few terrorist bombs placed in out-of-the-way areas next to gasoline or natural gas pipelines at various places around the country. This nation could be literally shut down in a couple of days. And as “replacement” bombs were subsequently detonated after repairs brought the pipelines back on line, we could see complete chaos not only with travel, but therefore with food supplies, most businesses being shut down completely because few could get to work, and the economic system crashing. Yet there are few national stories about any shortage this time despite the fact that back in September there were many stations running out of gas. Experience has not been a good teacher. Hillary/Trump dominate the “news.”

    Where we can, keep in mind that some extra gasoline (or diesel) could be very helpful as storage. Just remember to add stabilizer, and like food, rotate the supplies.
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    So nice to live in a place that makes its gas.
    Sinclair WY was named for the plant/company.

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    I go through a lot of gas during the year using about about 3 gallons every time I mow my lawn. I keep about 60 gallons on hand and faithfully rotate it. At the very end of the season I add Stabil to it. I also fill the tank on my truck no later than when it gets down to half a tank. It having a 36 gallon tank is a plus too.

    The other thing is I keep 6 of those 20# propane tanks as that’ll come in handy come SHTF plus the house has two 100# tanks for a propane stove that heats the back half of the house. That stove doesn’t need electric to run so it in combination with the wood stove for the front half of the house serves us well when we lose power. The front half of the house also has oil hot air heat with a 275 gallon tank that we rarely use, so all sorts of fuel around here.

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    you can get gas at small plane airport all 105+ octane with anti freeze in it all year long.

    use wood for heat you can build one it produces more heat for longer as it circulates flue gas longer and brick heats the home. for cooking and heat get the darn over it is handy and the extra hot water.. to get even more hot water around the flue chimney i wrapped 1 inch copper line with a spigot at one end and a funnet with a cover on top so i have even more hot water.

    Using propane using a high quality cook top and efficient heaters is a big thing you can save alot on fuel costs. go to the restore for habitat for humanity you find all kids of deals on top end things in a big city. picked up a miele cook top with power burners set for natural gas for $400 it cost $200 to convert into propane and new the thing cost 2400. on the power burner you can heat a 30 gallon pot to boil in just under 15 mins.

    if you are getting propane look for a butane refill tank and station for all those lighters. way cheaper than the bottles at the store.

    look to old farms for diesel tanks you can get older one walled tanks cheap if you can still use in your area. just have a spill dike ready. check inside with a light to make sure no rust and no big dents or signs of rust or dents that can leak. bought a 4000 gallon tank for $400. needed new cradle and new paint, paint it a white or light color to avoid excess heat.

    IF you can use heating oil/diesel ask for it as heating oil way cheaper on taxes even more so if you are using as electrical power. Ask for commercial account and buy in bulk way way cheaper and you can wait for deals. They also have good deals on synth lubricants about 20% off store price in larger containers. get 4L size the 5 gallons are a mess unless you have engines that use 20L. yeah i know they have pumps its still a mess and bugs love oil climb up into the pump.

    Get the filters as well from a filter company for all of you running diesel. look at this type of system the savings on engine and coolant are substantial, i have used equipment with over 28,000 hours on same engine no rebuilds and runs tighter than most newer ones. my main pick up is 06 has over 1 mill on the odometer, no engine repairs one alternator and batteries thats it other than regular consumables.

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    Our gasoline arrives by boat at the port of Albany and thus were not so dependent on pipelines. Non ethanol gas is more common than it used to be. I store about 20 gal. for winter use. My old Toyota just got a coolant flush and the axles transfer case gear shift oil changed to synthetic oil. Same for my atv. 5w30 Mobil 1 engine oil. Last year I didn’t use the snow blower or log splitter very much and left stabilized gas in them. They started right up this fall. My outside tank of diesel for water heater use is a mix of Kero and diesel. In a power outage we have a diesel generator. For all our dependence on the grid it really isn’t difficult to get around not having it for power.

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