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    What do you all think about the “assault weapon” and high capacity magazine registration in Conn. and is it a possible starting point?

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    Things are getting dicey in many areas, and if it’s not this, then something else will surely set things off. The one thing I am sure of is that we’re not going to vote our way out of this… our problems are systemic, and our system is absolutely overwhelmed on all levels. We are at the effect of the “Theory of Dissipative Structures”. Simply, too much data doesn’t fit the model anymore which creates stress that eventually collapses the system, then it all starts over with a new model that takes all the data into account. Time passes, new data appears- some fits, some doesn’t, creating stress, collapsing the system… Round & round it goes, where it stops nobody knows… Best strategy is to update your personal model to account for all the known data frequently & certainly don’t wait for collapse to adapt to present reality…


    Fully agree with Sootsme. I only see what’s going on in the US from an outside perspective (even though I lived in the US and some of my best friends live there) but the “democracy” seems to be hardly working. I really hope the divide between the elites and the regular crowd isnt going to get bigger, but realistically this will remain wishful thinking.

    Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")

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    You refer to the divide between the elites and the masses in the US: this divide is growing monthly as the middle class becomes the working class and the working class falls into poverty. The bizarre thing is, however, the typical middle class american does not appear to be aware of what’s happening around him. The jokes about the people being mesmerized by watching “dancing with the stars” and endless sports games are true, and these attempts at “bread and circuses” appear to be working, at least in part. The average person may know about, e.g. what’s happening in Connecticut or about the massive surveillance, but they don’t seem to care. They behave as if they are in dreamstate, or drugged. Makes one wonder. Americans are but a shadow of their former selves and our founding fathers are all rolling in their graves, as are our grandfathers. Very sad to see a slow collapse from the inside. Question is, when does a flashpoint occur and we get people in the streets, e.g. Egypt. I.E. How much will the non elite american take?

    Just thinkin.


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    Hbarh – to your question, IMHO, I don’t think the gun registration/gun control issue in the country is going to be the ‘start’ of anything/a tipping point if that is what you mean, into SHTF. A sign of the times, hot-button issue, precursor to other things perhaps. But. When I look around I think bad things are already happening on so many fronts: and much of America already are ‘walking zombies’. Look …everyone’s head is down 24/7 as they walk down a street or go about shopping/errands – heads are down looking at their phones!

    The ongoing and expanding droughts and weather that is affecting our country’s main food producing areas are going to result in even higher food prices in the not too distant future. WalMart is already having problems because people are not buying/can’t afford as much food as they used to buy through them.Lack of food is a powerful force. I personally feel the high cost of food combined with some other event that ‘shakes’ the average Joe American – like a major earthquake out west – or a power outage or some duration….just some combination of those things, nationally would be all it would take to start events snowballing. I visit – and to see the number of earthquakes that are happening around the world increasing (and rarely talked about in the press), together with other natural disasters worldwide all in one place on a site definitely gives one food for thought.

    Internationally, some one of the many crazies I have no doubt, is going to do something really brazen and stupid, some ‘Mighty Mite’, and light a match to a bonfire.


    The Connecticut issue is an interesting one…

    One thing I learned, the hard way, was that you do not embarrass a government employee publicly. This is what the gun owners of Conn. have done on a massive scale.

    The pols in Conn. passed their little “ban” without any public input whatsoever. When the gun owners of Conn. demonstrated massive non-compliance, the pols sent out letters warning them “this is their last chance”…

    Which raises a couple of important, and uncomfortable, issues. The first being that since the Supreme Court has already ruled that the State cannot maintain lists of gun owners. It’s unlawful and unConstitutional. So, how did the pols of Connecticut know where to mail the letters?

    The second uncomfortable thing is that there are lists of the Connecticut politicians who voted for the ban already on line. Complete with names, addresses and phone numbers.

    The third uncomfortable thing is that the cops who would be relied upon to go around to the estimated 1-point-something million Connecticut gun owners and physically take their weapons from them, then arrest them, are not 100% on board. One MENSA member of a cop posted that he would be happy to go around kicking in doors. He is currently under protective custody, since his name, address, phone number and even aerial images of his house were posted online…

    So, the politicians of Connecticut have two options-

    They can choose to vote and repeal the unconstitutional law, thus defusing the situation and saving lives…

    Or they can use the cops as a hammer and go around attempting to pound every citizen who does not comply with the clearly unconstitutional law… and all the fallout and blowback that results from it – the deaths of innocents and cops and yes, even the politicians who made the law…

    I don’t see any other way. They need to back up. People are tired of politicians making stupid, unconstitutional laws and then pretend to be untouchable and unaccountable when Really Bad Things happen because of their stupidity and arrogance…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    I believe that if the powers that be order the police to collect the peoples weapons we will see several things happen fast.

    1. Many police will simply refuse because they know it is not constitutional or they know their is very good chance they will end up shot.
    2. The police that do go out to confiscate guns will end up dead in short order.
    3. The rulers of that state will bring in National Guard troops because they will be out of cops and are incapable of either backing down or controlling the situation.
    4. Many of the National Guard troops will refuse for the same reasons many of the police did.
    5. The remaining National Guard troops will end up overdoing it and they will kill some people who do not have guns, which will set off the rest of the population of the state and cause protests and/or outright uprisings all over the US.

    If the state rulers do not back down it will escalate into a shooting war in that state at the least and possibly around the country. In any event it will be interesting and educational.


    I read on FB today an article about an interiview with a Chief law enforcement official that said there will be no attempt at door-to-door confiscation. I think they know they are overwhelmed to begin with and don’t stand a chance if there is mass civil disobedience regarding unconstitutional firearms laws. I have never agreed the individual states can make their own laws, rules, regulations, and restricitons regarding the 2nd. Amendment. I think eventually the new laws in CT will be repealed or significantly changed. The state itself could not afford a barrage of lawsuits that will no doubt follow eventually.

    Many of them cried; "Me no Alamo - Me no Goliad" and for most of them these were the last words they spoke.


    First I’ll say that Conn is a smoldering ember that people need to be very careful of. The whole situation could go very wrong very quick.

    Too many people are calling for revolution without considering the effects, and that’s both sides.
    With much of the nation facing a continuing drought, food production effected by .gov rules, economic woes being felt by all levels, except those in office obviously, we are already hitting the point of no return for many.

    What will the catalyst be, obamacare? The 2nd amendment attacks, financial ruin by those who seem to be pushing the collapse?

    There is no good answer for everyone, to some the line has been crossed but they are unwilling to be the first to act. Would you want to be the person who got it wrong and is suddenly a murderer and executed a decade early?

    As to the police, most places the ratio of LE to public is 1:1000. Think about that number closely, the police are recognizable, we see them daily in uniform and out, in grocery stores, at ball games with their families, and they know it.

    Most police support private ownership of firearms, even recommending it. Even the Feds for the most part want no part of any confiscation scheme, it’s moonbats like Feinstein and Biden that don’t grasp the bigger picture. They are the ones that pass laws that no one reads and are unconstitutional and immoral. They are the ones we have to be afraid of.

    Your rank and file cop will walk out the door with his gear and just keep going if a confiscation order is given, first because he doesn’t want to die. Secondly, as soon as that order is given, every cop good or bad becomes a target, whether or not they are involved.

    Rightly or wrongly. I don’t see people lining up on Breed’s Hill again for any number of reasons, the least of which is that technology has changed the way that all future conflicts will be played out.

    At the end of the day, only more questions. If I were to hazard a guess, anything that starts here in the US will be .gov initiated. Be it 2A related, water rights ( a local hotspot right now) or the economy, is largely inconsequential for our purposes, but the effects will be ugly for all.

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    Danie Theron

    Whirlibird, good analysis. IMO spot on.


    I read on FB today an article about an interiview with a Chief law enforcement official that said there will be no attempt at door-to-door confiscation. I think they know they are overwhelmed to begin with and don’t stand a chance if there is mass civil disobedience regarding unconstitutional firearms laws.

    I wouldn’t trust a “Chief law enforcement official” as far as I could throw him. He is an Agent of the State. Their job is not to tell the truth, but to instill confidence.

    Expect misdirection. Especially from some “Chief”. Cops have spent their lives learning how to lie – how to lie to suspects to elicit the truth, how to lie on the stand, how to lie in front of cameras, how to lie to Internal Affairs. Lying to a bunch of “mundanes”? Pretty much child’s play. (By the way, “mundanes” is how the rank and file cops refer to citizens. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the “cop” websites out there.) Their arrogance is unbelievable… they’re high on the smell of their own ****, and will have no problem kicking in doors to roust you, clap you in hand irons and drag you off… that is, IF you survive the SWAT team’s entry and they don’t just gun you down.

    The ONLY reason some “Chief” went in front of the cameras is to lie and say that there would be no attempt at door-to-door confiscations… what he didn’t say was that there would be no attempt YET at confiscations… folks are righteously pissed off and worse – they’re armed. He has to say something – anything – to get them to calm down. Otherwise, blood will be spilled.

    I fully expect the Connecticut legislature to not back down. They’ll “go behind closed doors” or have hearings or whatever, in order to gain time and calm folks down, but don’t be fooled – they have no intention of backing down. They’ve been so used to folks kowtowing to them for years, they think folks will roll over for them this time as well… They’ve been shown to be the tyrants they are and I’ll bet dollars to donuts they’ll dispatch their armed goons in REALLY BIG ARMORED TRUCKS to make an example of a few folks… but they’ve miscalculated. There’s a difference to this situation that has been missing in the past… and the legislators have missed seeing it. Folks have been pushed and pushed and now, finally, they’re going to push back. The only way they can. The only way they have left.

    After that? Man… I really don’t want to contemplate what will go down… all the legislators’ names, addresses, phone numbers are all online… the cops are known too… they all have family. So do all the National Guard troops. It could get very, very ugly…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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    I agree with Whirlibird 100%. For those that don’t trust cops, there are some good officers out there. Most of them will walk off the job when/if the order to steal people’s personal property.

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    The flash point appears to be food pricing as stated by this study

    Its not anything else. Arab Spring was about FOOD as wheat had gone up 40%. All other areas of riots can be traced back to this point. This is when the people feel they have no option and are willing to face physical danger because of it.

    All this other stuff is distracting.

    We have no paper trail on any of our weapons or ammo. We chose not to sign up for concealed weapons permits because historically when this is done, the government now knows who is armed and can revoke this right. Its been done this way in almost every country that has been disarmed.

    Food prices are starting to creep up faster in the United States but the manufacturers are lessening the effect by packing less product for just a little more money. Inflation is here but cloaked. We will see stark changes when the prices really start to escalate sharply. Watching food prices is a good barometer of what’s coming.

    Meanwhile Georgia is looking at a sweeping Pro Gun law. See here

    Watch out because USA news is very controlled and jaded. I find out more of what is happening in the USA through Al Jazeera,Russia Today and searches on the Internet.

    Honestly, all of these things happening can be looked at as positive. More and more people are waking up every day and realizing the many things that are wrong with our leaders. This is a great thing to be sweeping across society.


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