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    A few days ago I learned about an organic farm down in south Georgia that I’m now interested in pursuing as a source of meat (long story on how I found out, and how I’ll be able to manage to get what he sells without having to travel the very long distance from here to there). But in the process the person that told me about it also told me the story of the farm. It was started by a Cuban immigrant who came here at age 5 in the Freedom Flights (sound at all familiar Freedom?!? :-) ). Today I finally got around to going to the man’s web site, and discovered there was far more available than just a video on his particular story. So before I post this and another video, I wanted to share the tremendous resources through an organization called Georgia Organics:

    There is a wealth of information there that goes well beyond the couple of “feel good” videos below. In fact, they have produced over 200 videos on various food production topics, only a small portion of which is the “We Grow Georgia” videos of which the two below are a part. There is plenty of printed material as well. But first, the full list of videos they’ve placed on Vimeo:

    Now the Cuban immigrant and his story:

    And finally, another really nice “feel good” story about a 6th generation organic farmer (2nd career, now that he’s a retired Marine). His great-great-great grandfather was a slave on this land. When the slaves were freed, his master deeded him 1000 acres. The current farm is the portion of the original 1000 acres, and it’s remained in the former slave’s family ever since.

    Just be sure to check out the first two resources at the top – there is a wealth of information that could potentially help most of us produce even more of our own food as we await whatever’s coming down the road (or out of the sky). And potentially, we’ll be better off after it all hits the fan, as well if we can competently produce most if not all we eat. Then is not the time to learn and try to begin implementing these ideas.

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