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    Thought I would share my EDC gear, this is only what I carry on my person and what I see as the bare minimum to keep on me at all times.

    1) My Glock 17 Gen 3 in a kydex IWB holster, I have done some minor modifications to it, including the lighter connector, extended slide release and Warrens Sevigny F/O sights.
    2) Two spare mags in a Sticky holster, because “I wish I had less ammo” said no one ever. Currently my carry ammo of choice is the Ranger T 127gr +P+ variety.
    3) SOG Aegis knife: really impressed with this knife and use it for everything from cutting boxes to defending myself against biltong.
    4) Wallet with bank, medical aid and license cards as well as the bare minimum cash.
    5) BIC lighter, yes, yes, I know it’s a bad habit.
    6) Lip balm, because I hate dry lips.
    7) (Not in pic) my cell phone that I used to take the picture with.

    I am still looking for a nice compact fixed blade to carry, have a Cold Steel Best Pal, but haven’t yet figured out how to secure it to my belt and carrying it around my neck it is not an option, as it irritates me to much. Will probably have to get a custom holster made for it. As I said, this is only what I carry on my person and does not include my EDC bag, which I will discuss soon…

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    Hi Pilgrim,

    Nice color coordinated holster and glock.

    Do the biltong chase you often. The Sog Spirit 1 could be made into a large push knife if you can carve a handle for it. Spear to push knife depending on the occasion. Garrett Wade sells a tool to make spiral grooves. They call it a wood threader.

    I have a spyderco folding cc sized knife in my wallet. Aus-8 japan. Its quite sturdy and lightweight. The Spydercard. Somehow or other i always find room for at least three knives.

    And of course a pocket pistol. It varies a lot in that department. Somedays light, somedays heavy but always a swiss army knife.


    Thanks P1LGR1M, looks cool to me.

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