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    MB does your press have the apple grinder. It shreds the apple first and then it all goes into the press or a bin. Two wheels. It’s the seeds that produce the arsenic in apple juice. Shouldn’t be a problem for home made apple juice. Our apple trees are loaded this year. We still haven’t used up all our apple sauce from two years ago. Harvest festivals going on here. Yawn. I spent 3 hours at one the other day and sort of drifted thru it in a semi conscious state while my wife loved it. Yak yak yak…… The herb med garden was interesting though if not eye opening. I’m going to bring my camera next time and visit more often nest summer. Time lapse fotos. Good for identification.

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    This is the cider press I have. It is a pretty sturdy unit. Everyone’s apple trees around here are weighted down with a bumper crop of apples this year. An old apple tree around the corner from me collapsed under the weight last week. I have one that I need to do some serious pruning on so as to shift the center of gravity as it is in danger of toppling over should a big storm come through. I can see subtle signs that the weight is trying to pull it over. I still need to make apple sauce. Maybe next week.

    My next door neighbors have retired and are selling their house to their youngest son who still lives there. He’s 20 something and an avid hunter (gun, bow, trapping). This year instead of having sheep in their back field he put in a large garden, though just corn and beans. He came over last evening chasing his puppy that hasn’t quite grasped following commands yet and mentioned various pieces of farm implements he has acquired for use in his garden plot (great additions to the neighborhood). I again told him to feel free to hunt on my property and to build a deer stand somewhere if he wants, and noted I had found an old broken up one in a spot where the woods open up into a soggy meadow. He asked how it went with my garden as concerns deer and then offered that if I wanted to do an electric fence like he has that I could extend it off of his being he’s already run power out there from his barn (his back field is adjacent to mine).

    A friend of mine over in the Adirondacks is very knowledgeable with medicinal herbs. I’m thinking of getting him over here to help me get one started.

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