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    If you have questions, comments or feedback to my last blog post First Trades after Collapse please post here.


    Good post, Selco…

    Looking back on your post, those guys in the apartment were abiding by the age-old maxim: “When dealing, always deal from a position of strength”.

    Get a few guys who want to deal, then put them in an environment where they are very uncomfortable – the dead room – then have a bunch of toughs sitting around doing something intimidating, like making a sandwich with a bayonet. Lots of guns, too. Outnumbered, outgunned, intimidated… total setup.

    For all you know, those guns could have been unloaded. But then, were you willing to take the chance? I remember seeing pictures of the Germans guarding POW camps during WWII – on some of the better photographs, you can see the details on the guards’ rifles – by all indications, they were unloaded. But, either nobody noticed, or were so intimidated that they did nothing, even if they did know…

    Question: You didn’t have anyone pulling Overwatch while you went and did your deal? You know, a Guardian Angel? Some guy with a scoped rifle a block or so away, keeping an eye on stuff? Might have made a difference if they knew there was someone out there they could not see who was aiming at them… the feeling of a set of crosshairs on you is a spooky feeling, even if they are under orders not to fire unless things go bad…

    All in all, I think you all were lucky to get out of there alive. In fact, I think the only reason you and your friends survived is because of the good graces of the thugs… flashing a wad of cash like that? Heh… they skrag you and your buddies, then they still got the swag, your money, your pistol and anything else useful you might be carrying… what’s one more bloodstain on the floor?

    Very lucky, my friend…

    The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1


    Thanks Selco. Yes you’re right on about preparing now. Don’t procrastinate on stuff that’s much easier to do or acquire today.

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    It’s possible that the blood stain on the floor was put there purposely as part of the intimidation set up.

    A thought that occurs to me is that as bad as it was there was some amount of humanitarian relief coming in. There are many scenarios where there would not be any relief.

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    Even if there would be aid, someone has to protect it. Thugs will end up with a lot of the supplies.

    What ever you do, don’t act like you need what they have, don’t act nervous or scared, don’t let yourself be baited into a confrontation. Strike first if it looks like it is going sideways. Make sure your not in the line of fire from your own team.

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    Needless to say this reminded me of a Rick Grimes quote from Walking Dead….

    “They measure you by what they can take from you, by how they can use you to live.”

    Said in his entrance interview to Alexandria. Shortly after that he said seeing how weak the other group was, If they are to weak to hold this place we’ll take it from them.

    A deal is a deal until…..


    Thanks Malgus.
    Yea, in the time when that story was happening I was nothing but young man who did not had too much clue what is happening around and how serious situation was.
    We were few guys who felt that we are tough because we had one gun, and some money to buy things.
    We still did not had sense that we need to be always one step in front of the other folks, and no matter how rough they are we need to be more rough and smarter.
    And definitely we had luck, and whole situation still was kinda fluid, so we went trough everything with just feeling that we are “small” and with no money.
    But we learned very quickly ways to live in SHTF.

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