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    Most folks just don’t get even rudimentary preparedness

    Yeah, sometimes the biggest red flags are not noticed. The simplest things go undone. Like having a vehicle to bug out in with no spare tire, tire inflator, or patch kits. People will pack bug out bags and store food but never purchase a single firearm to protect their supplies. People will buy tents & sleeping bags but forget simple rain ponchos. People will buy all the cool knives and machetes but never even think of a simple axe to cut wood. I know a guy that has a brand new AK and 1000 rounds of ammo, but has never once tested the gun for functionality. It’s the simple things that will save your ass in the end.

    But yeah, I know it’s hard to run from nuke plants. There are “safer” areas to bug out to, but who knows how long those areas will be desirable once other people realize it.

    "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Ghost Prime wrote:
    UndeRGround, so sorry to hear about your Brother. Sounds like you both have a strong faith that will definitely serve you well. I will pray for his family that with your help they may survive the coming storm.

    D. Rex G. II
    He was a full time R.N. and a part time minister, so yes, he had a strong faith that was passed down to his kids, and shared with his wife.

    Funeral was today, and he will be buried Monday.
    Family is doing OK, it was a long 3 year bout with cancer.
    My new AK 47 will be engraved “Little Brother”, he was
    47 when he died. File Pic of a very similar rifle:

    "ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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    Underground! God bless u and your brothrrs family. There aren’t real words that can convey depth of sympathy.. were they available I youwould know I send them your way. Your brother is no longer here on the troubled blue planet… but I believe he still, literally lives on. Imagine his quiet time, pourout yr pain and troubles..then be quiet…n listen. Let the peace wash your pain and loss away…small rippled wave, by small ripple. You will be reunited one day…imho probably not shared by others…but it it is my belief. Release the anger… it serves no purpose. Rejoice you were privileged to know such a one. May your heart find quiet npeace from yr loss…sooner than later. Be wellunderground. My thoughts r with you. (Pls excuse typos, late, tired, tablet keyboards suck.
    Peace, breath it. Cheridh memories. Rest your soul gently. Tweva

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    I am sorry about your brother undeRGrond. I lost a brother to cancer at 47 and another at 54 to diabetes. It is hard.

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    I’m sure someone else has said this before me but Bugging out is not an option for me, My wife is Active Duty Air Force (E.R. Trauma Nurse) and that will keep us from being able to leave. I like to think I’m fortunate enough that the town I live in is just over 90,000 souls and it’s not like I will be stuck in someplace like San Francisco an hour away with 2,000,000 souls but I’m also one block off the only corridor away from that city so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything holds together for one more year till we are outta here!

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    I know I have a tendency, no matter how bad things get, to tell myself that everything will be ok. So I often wonder if I’ll miss the bug out window and end up trapped. I hope I’ll recognize the signs before the point of no return arrives, but then, bugging out too soon could be a disastrous mistake too.
    At this point I’m just trying to stay aware of what’s going on around me and watching for any trigger events that may set a SHTF scenario in fast motion. I know I definitely want to bug out before DHS, militarized police or the U.N. come down the street for door to door gun confiscation.

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    OK, Class ( ;) )

    Help me figure this one out, the likelihood of needing to bug out, and the cues and clues…

    I live near an approximate sized city of 50,000 plus another 10,000 to 15,000 student population, so maybe 65k+. I live in the sub-suburban areas, used to be considered “country” but has grown up. We are on nearly 4 acres and most lots around here are close to that, except the ones across the street where the old lady who owned it all made it into single dwelling size lots and sold them for big $ each, maybe 200 x 150
    but not all of those have a house. We have a good 2A Sheriff right now and that is a big plus!

    Questions, comments and critique are welcome…

    Maybe I should make my own post?

    "ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum

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    This thread has important considerations considering the times we live in. If ebloa hits your area when will you pull out or will you stay. Not everyone lives in the USA where the authorities are convincing the public that everything is safe. (it’s not). I had a discussion with my daughter yesterday about being careful in the city and watch for news of families indigenous to Africa becoming ill. I expect those populations to be hit first if it arrives in the USA.

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