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    Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, speaks to a chosen soul in Pennsylvania, USA

    8. Enlightened Confidence………… Dec 4th, 2014


    When the world comes to the edge of the cliff, what happens then? Some continue to move on and plunge to their destruction. Others are filled with panic and are paralyzed with fear. Some, having been prepared by these locutions, will say, “Mary has always spoken about this moment. She has prepared us well. We are not to fear. We must act according to her word”.

    How will I describe this great gift that flows from my heart right now? It is not a gift that you should receive when the world comes to the edge of the cliff. It must be received beforehand, like the oil needed for the lamps to meet the Bridegroom.

    I will call this gift enlightened confidence because it contains two powers. The person is filled with light. They know what to do, even in the greatest darkness. They also experience no panic or anxiety. They are confident that I have prepared them and will guide them.

    How do your receive this enlightened confidence? Slowly, daily. By many moments spent in my presence. By the Eucharist. By little sacrifices. By trusting me more. By choosing my ways. By removing yourself from every aspect of the world’s darkness. By fidelity. By loving your family. By reading about me. By helping the poor. By living with truth. Especially, by hearing my voice speaking in your heart.

    Come. We will learn together. Light brings new confidence and confidence brings greater light. They go together, like your right foot and your left foot. One step at a time, we walk this road of enlightened confidence.

    9. Destroying Your Kingdom…………. Dec 5th, 2014


    Remain with these teachings that I have given to you. Each one contains my gifts. You will need all of these because the darkness will come from many useless solutions. This darkness will be Satanic and only the Woman can defeat him. By these teachings, I wrap you in my mantle of protection and guide you. Let me speak of both Satan’s darkness and of my light.

    Not since the death of my Son, Jesus, has Satan had such a control over the world. Step by step, he has plotted this moment. At times, his plans were delayed because someone, like Pope John Paull II, rose up to push back the darkness. Yet, his darkness has never been fully overcome, just pushed back and delayed. He has not been slain or bound up. He still roams the world seeking the ruin of souls. This is what lies behind all the current problems.

    No one, not even the Holy Father, can destroy Satan’s kingdom and rout the enemy. The Father had given that power only to me, as his first-born daughter and the mother of his Son. This is the great mystery, whose many parts I have been revealing. Keep all of this in mind. Never forget my words. They will be the only real light in the coming darkness.

    1. The Crisis of 2015 …………… Dec 6th, 2014


    These words must be recorded now so all the world will know that I have issued the gravest warnings. The words must go forth, published openly, “written on the walls” so to speak, so that when they come true, all must say that I had been a true mother and did not hold back my wisdom.

    This is the year of the events. Many, many dangers are present. They are already in the headlines, but I am speaking of new events, surprising events which no one foresees. This is already happening in the racial divide that is now appearing in America, when all thought that the issues had been resolved by the Civil Rights legislation. That is only the beginning of new events.

    These forces are already imbedded in human history, forces that will divide and separate, forces that will break forth in great destruction.

    The greatest events will be the collapse of the economic structures. This will lead to even more enormous problems. There will be rivalries among nations, breakups of friendly cooperation that has been in place for years. The causes of these divisions will vary but when you see various nations pulling away from each other, when you see relationships being strained and even broken, then you know that I have told you ahead of time.

    All of these divisions come from the Evil One. The divisions are not the final steps, but they prepare for greater problems. When nations are together in peace, they can overcome and work out difficult situations. When they are separated by divisions, they cannot adequately respond to new crises, those which they did not foresee.

    Comment by Spiritual Director, Msgr. John Esseff: In the past, Our Lady has spoken of the Arab revolutions, the problems of Syria, Russia, Ukraine and ISIS. These are now seen by all. They are evident. She now begins to speak of what cannot be seen.

    2. Russia Destabilizing the European Economy ……………… Dec 7th, 2014


    I plunge you into the great mysteries and reveal all that is possible because I can no longer hold these events in my heart. Like a sorrowing mother, I must speak to relieve the burdens.

    Russia will continue to persecute my people in the Ukraine. The sanctions will not turn Putin back. Even though they inflict great wounds, he will absorb the punishment, like a fighter who will not give up,

    Russia will become like Syria, a constant source of disruption. However, something even deeper is happening. Just as the Syrian revolution has destabilized the Middle East because it has perdured for many years, so will Russia become to Europe. Russia had become an important part of the European economy. President Obama insists upon economic sanctions and refuses to aid the Ukraine militarily. He is weakening the European economies. This is the long term fallout from the sanctions, which will have many repercussions as other problems come forth this year.

    All of this is not foreseen but I see Satan’s plan all too clearly. He hides his real goals and gets nations to walk along his paths. This year it will be step by step, one event at a time with each event linked closely to what has happened and will happen.

    Man’s intellect is no match for his. Human solutions are like paper walls placed in his fires. Only the Woman Clothed With the Sun knows the true path to peace and I am trying to enlighten the world.

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    Have you seen the latest, Bobby D? I have been reading them, haven’t been able to decide if they are authentic or not.


    White Kight……………..Jan. 13, 2013

    3. A New Road of Truth………..Light for the Children


    In the world, there is great confusion. Few even know the right path. An ignorance has set in. Truth has been lost and is no longer passed down. Children receive no training in the sound teachings of faith. They are exposed to all that is not true. This is a moment of crisis in America. The country itself has chosen the darkness and into darkness it will go. My goal is to save those who want the light. This is way I speak. Please listen to my words, “You no longer can find wisdom in the marketplace because the marketplace has been stripped of faith. You can no longer find wisdom in these institutions that would uphold America. They, too, have lost their way. Therefore, I must establish a new road to truth. As you walk this road, others will follow and all will be blessed. This road must be revealed to you in the depth of your heart. Only there, can you find it.


    The time is very short. The darkness will come suddenly and without much warning. Even if I gave warnings or provided great signs, people would reject them. People would say, “If this is so important, why does Mary not appear?” I am appearing. I am speaking to the visionaries of Medjugorje. Have your read my messages? I have promised a permanent sign. Is it faith to wait until the permanent sign is in place? Even with the sign, many will have no interest. Such is the world. It seeks signs and does not even believe when the sign is given.
    I am giving these words. This is the sign for you. Believe and take them into your heart. You will see all that they will do for you.
    (emphasis added)


    3. The Day of Notre Dame
    Jan 15th, 2015

    Just as no one can prevent the sun from rising, so no one can prevent these events from spilling forth. The evil is too deeply imbedded, the hatred is too extensive and man retains his free will. Yet, I speak with great hope even in the face of the inevitable outpouring of evil. What has been the response to these events which have already begun in Europe?

    Various emotions are expressed, but are voices raised which point out that these countries have turned away from me? Are the people saying, “Let us turn to Our Lady, our Notre Dame (French for Our Lady), for she will protect us? This is what is missing.

    In the Ages of Faith, there would be processions, not marches. The Churches, not the streets, would be filled. I promise that, as the events go on, the people will look for me and find the true source of living water which is needed to extinguish these fires and to deal with their consequences.

    The answers to these coming events do not lie in the heart of man but in the heart of the Woman. This is why I speak now and why my words must go forth to all the world. A new enlightenment will dawn. A new day will begin, a day of Notre Dame, when evil events cause the Churches to be filled and all find refuge in my heart.

    4. The Terrorist Attacks
    Jan 16th, 2015

    The road ahead will be very dark and many voices will be raised that will only bring about confusion. Such is the darkness of which I have spoken so often.

    The greatest problem of terrorism is the fear and panic which it causes. People’s lives are jolted. Hundreds of changes are introduced. A mentality of siege sets in. Vast resources are spent on security. Trust breaks down. Sources of revenue dry up. Economies shrink. Investment capital no longer sustains growth. All of these effects will be seen quickly.

    Because I foresaw these moments so clearly, I began to speak four years ago. I had to become a trusted voice, a familiar voice. People had to grow accustomed to this new and important help from heaven. Yes, I am speaking from heaven through this faithful messenger.

    The words will change now. No longer will I speak of future events because the events have begun, just as I so accurately predicted. 2015 is the year of the beginning events. The year had just about opened, when suddenly all of these surprise attacks. What I foresaw, was recorded for all to see. The Middle East fires of terrorism have leaped over into Europe where they will find so much more fuel.

    The course of these events is not at all determined. They are not imposed by heaven. They come from below, from human hearts and human decisions. The events are the harvest of evil seeds, planted and nourished. Heaven wants to help, to guide, to enlighten, and to calm down these fires. But who turns to me? The religious spirit of Europe has been sacrificed on the altar of secularism. You are like the Prodigal who took his money and left his Father’s house. Return to me. I have never abandoned you.


    January 22, 2015, Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade abortion decision by US Supreme Court

    Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

    “Today, dear children, I come to you with sadness as we commemorate the dreadful decision by your country to legalize abortion. How distorted this view which gives unjust rights to mothers and none to the children in the womb. God has given man every form of technology with which to determine that life does indeed begin at conception. But, mankind believes in Satan’s lies instead of the Truth.”

    “You have chosen to abort sound leadership, righteous leadership. You have aborted those who would have been priests, Bishops, Cardinals and even a Pope. You have killed in the womb those, whom long ago, would have found cures for cancer, aids and many genetic disorders. You have done this all in the name of freedom.”

    “Abortion, more than any other sin, calls upon God’s justice. If mankind would acknowledge his mistake and reverse this horrendous decision, God would mitigate His justice. As it is, the world and all who inhabit it, stand to lose much.”

    “Those of you who believe in all I say to you must work diligently towards recognition of the Truth. Do not be confounded by public opinion. Do not concern yourselves with your reputation amongst those who oppose life. Consider only the lives of these little ones waiting to be born.”

    “I pray that every effort to preserve life in the womb will be successful in the face of man’s arrogant indifference.”




    19 JANUARY 2015

    My Beloved People:


    Dear People, My legions are guarding My Children, but you cast them aside. You have forgotten your Guardian Angels, your protectors, your companions for the journey. They watch over each of you without receiving a thank you or a prayer.

    Beloved, these are the moments when the assistance of My House should not be rejected, but must be embraced with great reverence, knowing that no outpouring of My Blessings is given by chance, but because you need them now more than ever, not only for your protection, but as my special Divine Assistance to help you to rediscover the TRUE PATH.

    My Children rush around in such a hurry, scorning those I send to announce the public arrival of the antichrist, who will say: I am Christ on Earth, I’m the one you have to follow, I’m the one with the Mandate of the Father, I am …

    My People will be tested, you fail to recognize what is being revealed through Creation, humanity will be astonished at new discoveries, humility in mankind must flourish or wither as a fig tree that bears no fruit.

    Some leaders will have their people separate from the authority of the Pope, My People will be cruelly persecuted, and My Heavenly Messengers: your guardians, will be the breastplate of each, so that even in hard moments you will not reject the Faith.

    I address each of My Consecrated, to live humbly, without vanity or frills, no large banquets or ostentatiousness. Instead, I call you to be humble. Those who are consecrated to me, should not live in opulence, but in humility, chastity and in the service of My People, working and acting in My Holy Will.

    My people, a comet approaches the Earth, the Earth’s axis will move, the influence of this comet will be strong on Earth, leading every human heart to be invaded by fear, and thus men will regret what they had in their hands and despised and ignored and twisted. They will repent- but not from the heart.

    Dear children, ocean waves will strike the coast, there will be great suffering for My People. New lands will emerge, remains of lost continents from the past, off the coast of the eastern United States.

    Pray My children, pray for San Francisco.


    Each of you must be a lamp that illuminates the steps of his brothers, courageously and without hesitation. Seek and ask of me without fear.

    Evil abounds and repeatedly calls you, many of My children succumb, they are not strong, casually watching everything that happens. I speak to you and call you to conversion, and still you do not listen.

    Events that you have faced before will arise, but will differ with regards to the magnitude and the progression which has not been seen by this generation.

    Beloved, “Most of Japan will be under the sea”.

    Children, pray for Japan, Nature will be severe.

    Pray for Bahamas, they suffer, pray.

    My Beloved People: the god of money collapses, and humanity will be disoriented, entering into darkness and feeling lost…Do not deify money.

    THE MOMENT COMES AND MAN WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP THEM. IT IS THE MOMENT OF MOMENTS, My People should not fear. How much humanity has sown, it is the cause of your suffering. In his unconscionable behavior, man will have to face his own sins.

    My Dear People, banal things should not be cause for distress, the safety of man is in My House. The enemy of the soul is in the midst of humanity, penetrating into those who are empty, who do not love Me, who do not respect life, nor do they respect and love My Mother.

    Do not be fertile ground for evil, but rather, be the fertile ground for me where the weed cannot find reproduce, but is restrained. Beloved, I not only call you to take care of the soul but also the body where the soul. Do not enter into a relationship with evil, since then, without realizing it, you have taken part in evil and have done it yourself. I desire the salvation of all My children, I give you My Mercy so you are not lost. Your salvation depends on it.

    I Bless you.

    I love you.

    Your Jesus.

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    1000 foot high tsunamis…. Got it. Pray for the lowlanders.

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    The Warning, the Blessing. A Message for the next thousand years. Not part of any existing religion.

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    I have decided that the locutions must be genuine. They hold true to all Biblical teaching. 2015 is going to be ugly, and it is only the beginning. But in the darkness opportunity abounds. People will finally stop being distracted by money, sports, etc because they won’t have any of that anymore. And, Mary clearly states that the world will turn – in large – back to God once the consecration of Russia takes place.


    The “New Message” that you referenced in you post gives me pause. My religion teaches that the Bible is the revealed word of God, and is to be accepted and believed. In the Bible, Jesus frequently speaks of the fire of eternal damnation, the fire that we all know as hell. Hell is reserved for those who reject the Loving God. The New Message messenger states that God will save everyone (no matter what). Seems to be a conflict here. God wants everyone to be saved but our salvation is dependent on how we freely live our lives.



    Mary, Mother of Jesus, speaks to the world
    The Coming Economic Collapse
    Oct 14th, 2011
    When everything begins, there will be many surprises. Those who were thought to be strong, will fall quickly, while those who seemed to be weak will persevere because of their faith. How will people handle this adversity? First, let me describe what will happen so that those who read my words, can prepare. I will lead them but they must not wait.
    The relationships of faith must be made strong. This is the way to survive. People must strengthen their ties to others, the bonds of their faith. When the tragedy first hits, people will be shocked. How could this ever happen? There will be great turmoil and the leaders will be scrambling to come up with answers. But those who have placed themselves in my heart will not give way to useless anxiety. They will have a firmness of heart. They will know my words. This is my promise, “I will provide. I will take care of you”. As a mother says to all of her children in any crisis, “Stay together. Stay close to me. Do not wander. The road is too dangerous.”
    The great problems will not be in the beginning. In the beginning, there will be shock and wonderment. There will be anger. “How could they allow this to happen?” I am talking about the economic woes that will come upon the West, and even to America. Who will survive these drastic changes? Not those with resources (for these will whittle away) but those who bond together in faith and who seek ways to help each other.
    This will be a time of great sacrifice. The individualism of America, sparked by the decades of affluence, will be reversed. People will need each other to survive. Families will be reunited by the need to put together their incomes. New forms of helping others will emerge. Where the churches are vital and alive, the people will coalesce and the church will again become a focal point for the community. The teaching is clear. Where relationships of faith and love are already in place, people will be better able to respond and survive. That is my teaching. Begin now to form relationships. Come together. Gather now, even when you do not know why. Later, you will see how important are these steps.
    The Steps to Collapse
    Nov 3rd, 2014
    The events will begin with a jolt, a partial collapse from economic difficulties in one part of the world. All will view this with alarm but no one will see this as the beginning of a series of events.
    In the beginning, there will be enough resources to paper over the damage so that confidence is restored. Many however, will see this as a sign to move their assets. This will hasten the events as other parts of the economic structure are exposed as weak and unstable. The economic world is volatile, based so much on trust and confidence in the system itself. As these weaknesses are exposed, the confidence will slowly evaporate and even the strongest structures will come under assault.
    The world has built an economic system which will not stand the test of its sins, of its margins of profit, of its false foundation and of the burden it has put upon the poor nations. Fairness and equity have long since been discarded. Systems have been built around conference tables making decisions that favor those who sit at those tables.
    Now comes the time of reckoning. The bills are long overdue. The economic system cannot continue. It does not need God’s chastising hand. It will collapse from its own frailty.
    A time of a complete reassessment will begin. Many will focus on economics. Few will focus on a change of heart, of repentance, of a return to God and religious practice. I speak now for those who will listen to my voice. These days are precious. Do not waste them. Return now to God. Reorder your day. Pray from your heart. I will help you with extraordinary graces. Much will be prepared. New beginnings. Deeper peace. Fresh faith and hope. Deeper love for your family. All must share my new gifts. Do not wait. Do not wait.

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    Thanks for putting these together Bobby D.


    White Knight:

    188. Mary’s Special Invitation to You
    Dec 7th, 2011


    I wait and I wait for the world to turn to me. I speak and I speak, hoping the world will listen. I search and I search, trying to find hearts that would receive all my blessings. I will not cease to wait and to speak and to search, because I have a mother’s heart which can never forget the child of her womb.

    Now I search in extraordinary ways. I do not limit my words to those who gather for worship. I go everywhere. I go to every nation in the world by these modern means of communication, but my messages are quite different.

    When someone uses the Internet to send their message, the word goes forth for anyone in the world to read, but the person does not go forth, only their word. When my word goes forth, I accompany it. Yes, reader, as your eyes are now upon my word, I stand at your side. I touch your heart. I am already pouring out my gifts.

    I am searching for you and I have found you. If only you would open your heart to me, I would enter your heart. Your heart is a very special place. There is a gate, a door into your heart which is closely guarded by your free will. No one can enter unless you are willing and no one can leave unless you eject them. This is the greatest mystery – the human heart with all of its choices.

    All of your life, you have chosen whom to accept and whom to reject. This is a very special moment. You have a visitor at the gate. I stand at the door, and by these words, I knock, not just once but many times, not just softly but with great clamor. If you do not hear, I will knock louder. If you do not open, I will not go away. For years I have been searching for you. In the years of your sinfulness, I waited. In your years of questioning, I spoke. Now, at this moment, when so many of God’s graces have made you ready, I come and knock.

    Look at your life. Has there not been a series of graces, a gradual turning away from the darkest moments of your life, as gradual, almost imperceptible dawning of light? Now, I am closer than ever before. I am the noonday sun and I want to bring you into a fullness of light that will always remain within you. Take the step. Seek out confession. Rid yourself of your sins and you will have stepped into a new day that will remain with you, all the days of your life.


    4. The Flame and the Candle Feb 16th, 2015

    The path of light is my gift to those who accept me. Many set me aside, as if I were not important in the Father’s plan. Others see no need to call upon my help. If you are one of these, it is specifically for you that I speak today. Without me, you can certainly walk a road to the Father through Jesus, but that road is hard to find and difficult to walk.
    The heavenly Father foresaw this present time of darkness brought about by the cleverness of Satan’s plan. For this moment of history, God reserved a new and special light, a candle burning brightly which each person can hold. Is that not what you yourselves do? When the lights go out, you use candles, because there is no central light. So each person carries their own lit candle and all feel safe.
    Picture me as the Heavenly Father’s candle and Jesus as the flame. Can you have the flame without the candle? I am not the flame. Jesus is the flame, but I am the candle, easily available to all who accept me. The candle comes first, then the flame. Who would try to take the flame into their own hands? That is foolishness. Only harm would result.
    How long will the candle burn? How bright will be its flame? I am the Father’s candle and I will burn as long and as brightly as each one needs. I am Immaculate. The light will be pure, piercing and totally able to lead you. When the night grows darker, I will burn more brightly. When the wind comes, I, myself, will protect the flame. Even if the flame goes out, I will ask the heavenly Father and He will light your candle again.
    The time is now because you must get your candle before the darkness comes.

    5. Let There Be Light Feb 17th, 2015
    Those who seek the light need only allow themselves to be drawn and led by it. The Father has created you for light. He, Himself, is eternal light, shining from all ages. His first words were, “Let there be light”. He has formed in His only Son, Jesus, the new kingdom of light, the only hope for a world plunged into darkness.
    I preach this kingdom and open its doors right now. Where are these doors? Just follow my voice. My words will lead you. Right now, you cannot see, so let your ears be open to my words. They will bring you to the doors of sight. Let me begin.
    You are absorbed by a darkness that you do not even perceive. The daily cares, the anxieties, and the attempts to gain security absorb the heart. Every hour is filled, so little time, sometimes none, given to the light.
    Now, you hear my voice saying, “Come over here. Stay a moment. Do not rush headlong”. What do I ask of you? Just a moment, a time to invoke me, to call on me with faith. I ask some quiet moments, some stillness, an absorption into the light of prayer which has greater power to absorb you than the darkness. Only I can bring you this light, Jesus, my Son. The Father has placed Jesus in my heart, where all are called to receive. You only escape darkness by coming into light and you cast out darkness only by grasping the light. All other efforts will completely fail.
    Now, I speak the most precious words of all. In the beginning, all was darkness until God said “Let there be light”. As the new darkness comes, the Father has given me the privilege, the task, the call, even the command, to use His words, “Let there be light”. Through these locutions, I am saying those words day after day, in numerous images and teachings. Now, I say it to you, “Let there be light”. I will always say those words. They are my daily, constant blessing. “Let there be light”.

    6. A Path Revealed to the Little Ones Feb 18th, 2015
    The path of light is a road filled with blessings which are hidden from the proud but revealed quickly to the little ones who want to walk my ways.
    First, they see that I am with them in every danger, always protecting them from the harm which is caused by others or by their own foolish decisions.
    Second, they experience my constant encouragement. They know that when the great problems come upon them, that I will be there to help carry them. Third, they often experience my presence, as warmth or a peace comes over them. This quiets their fears and allows them to choose the right road.
    Thirdly, they know that I will be with them until the end. I will never abandon them until that moment when I embrace them forever and ever. This is the path of light which is open to all the little ones. How do your become “a little one”? This is the great secret. A person must decide to be a “little one” (and everyone in the world can make that decision).
    First, they must see that their own strength and their own intellect are unable to overcome all their difficulties.
    Second, they must be filled with hope, that I hear their every cry.
    Third, they must walk in my ways, according to my truths. This is the great illumination that takes place in the heart, when the person allows me to place my new light within them.
    Now, they are my little one, able to walk my path of light.

    7. Light For the Hour of Darkness Feb 19th, 2015
    The path of light is open to all, but it is found most easily by those who walk with others, their hearts joined as one in the most important journey of all. How many gather for other purposes, joined by the hopes of profits or delights. They constantly move along those roads which the world points out to them. How few join their hearts to walk the path of light. This is the great secret that I am trying to reveal to the whole world.
    In ordinary times, people do not need my special path of light. The times are normal. The problems can be overcome and the faith sustained. However, these are not the usual times. This is the hour, as Jesus called it.
    In the hour of His passion, He told the apostles to stay awake, to pray that they might overcome the trial. They failed and scattered, not grasping the darkness that they would face.
    People might ask, “Why do I need this path of light?” Because the darkness and the trial of the “hour” is at hand. You must seek out others whose hearts are also seeking the path of light. Join together and I will join with you. The more you are joined, the greater will be the light. When the darkness comes, just remain as one and you will have your light, your little candles burning brightly able to enkindle each other if your flame goes out.


    5. The Darkness Will Preach Mar 10th, 2015


    I will speak about light and darkness, the symbols of the two kingdoms which battle for earth, a war that has been waged for many centuries and has now come to a climactic moment.

    All is set in place. Foolish decisions have made the world vulnerable to the Kingdom of Darkness. Many human hearts are bathed in darkness and dedicated to the darkness. So many others have abandoned faith, the door to light, or have never received that gift.

    The structures of society have been compromised by darkness and many leaders are bathed in the greatest darkness, intent only on their own ambitions. They place themselves forth as apt leaders, when their own hearts are given over to darkness. Finally, the weapons of darkness are in the hands of so many. Anyone who sees clearly must say that the future belongs to darkness.

    But I promised to speak about light, as well as darkness, a light that is still hidden under a bushel basket and not yet placed on the lampstand. I speak of a light still hidden in my Church, a light that I have protected, a light which will bring forth a million other lights which also are still hidden.

    This is my promise. I will bring forth my hidden light and place this light on the lampstand. Then, millions of lights will suddenly appear, great lights of faith. The great darkness will already have begun and the whole world will know how much it needs my light. The darkness will actually serve my purposes. By destroying all the world’s light, the darkness will preach to the world that it needs a new light. Then this new light will come forth.

    Comment: When man’s light completely fails people will be more open to God’s help.

    6. The Two Economic Events Mar 11th, 2015


    The time is short and so many are unprepared. I must speak so that at least people will have heard my words and they will not be totally surprised when these events break forth. This will give hope and some direction.

    Before any harm takes place, there will be a sweeping away of protections. People will realize that former safeguards no longer exist. What they trusted to support them in need is no longer available.

    This will begin in the economic fields and in the collapse of governmental protection of currencies. This shaking of confidence will then result in actual harm. As people take steps to insure their futures, everything will tighten up. The flow of money will be restricted. Jobs will be threatened and lost. No one will be in control. Steps will be taken that are inadequate. Only as time goes on, will people see the deep divide between what used to be and what is. This is the first stage. The changes will be long-lasting but not total or deep. People will think that the crisis is over, and that all they must do is to cut back somewhat. Many will be chastened and will try to respond by some austerity.

    However, all of this is just a beginning. It is the second economic shock that will bring about the deep divide, the permanent and non-reversible change that will awaken everyone to the great reality that the past years of buying without paying, of procuring without accepting the price has led to this moment. Once these two sets of economic events take place, the first set of the warnings and the second set of the actual breaking off, the world, for the first time, will truly see the path of darkness. I say this because my words will be the only light. That is why I speak.

    Comment: Our Lady speaks of two economic collapses, an early one which all see but is not deep, and a second one which causes a deep divide between life before and after.

    7. Satan’s Attacks On the Locutions Mar 12th, 2015


    The time is short but much can still be done to rescue earth and to restore human history to God’s original plan. Two things must be done. My power and my light must be released into history and millions must receive the light that I pour out. These locutions prepare for those gifts, speaking so clearly and, each day, to many new hearers. Why have I given these words?

    I began over four years ago, knowing that the darkness was not imminent but also realizing that it would take time for this little voice to be heard. There are no visions, no apparitions, and no site of miracles. Millions do not come and gather. Rather, all is hidden. The words are given softly and then made available. There is no advertising and no pilgrimages. The words stand alone and by themselves. Yet, these words go forth to all the world, eagerly awaited by many.

    This is my promise. I will continue to speak these words for years to come. Do not be discouraged if Satan tries to stop these words, to cover them over and to discontinue their going forth. He would like to take his ax and have it fall upon this work, destroying it and cutting it in two so that it could never continue. When this begins, know that I have spoken ahead of time, that I have prophesied this attack, and, no matter what happens, that I will not allow this little work that I have raised up, to ever be destroyed. It is much too important to me, to the Church and to the whole world.

    Yet, Satan will take his actions, for he would deprive the world of this light, even when every precaution is taken to preserve it. My words today, however, are not just about Satan’s future attempts to destroy what I am doing here. My words are, instead, a firm promise. These locutions will remain. They will stay. They will burn more brightly even after Satan’s time of darkness and they will lead the world and the Church through the darkness that lies ahead. They will be my constant and daily proof that I am with my Church and the world that I love so much.

    Comment: Our Lady prophesies Satan’s desire to remove these locutions and to destroy them. No one knows exactly what will happen, only that Mary will preserve them. Possibly, some interruptions will occur.

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