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    My lifelong ‘hero’ passed away last night. He was my best friend’s oldest brother. When I was 8 and went to his graduation from VMI, I saw this tall person in a funny hat and clothes bend down to me, take my hand and ask me how I was doing in the heat! With all the noise of graduation and the crowds, he squatted down and talked to me like I was an adult and the only person there. When I was 10, he came home from Vietnam briefly, in another funny hat and clothes. I asked him if he would marry me. He didn’t laugh. But again squatted down, took my hand, and explained to me why he could not do that. He explained to me where he had been, why he would be going back. He asked me to write him and I did, for years. He was a ‘ CRO’ I think in the Air Force. I think that is part of special forces? He did not talk much, rarely, about those times.

    When I was 18 or so I saw him in another getup – this time a medical student. He specialized in emergency medicine and eventually had a business flying injured people on medically equipped planes out of disaster areas. His favorite hobby, besides flying (loved helicopters best) was heliskiing. which he did until he died. We kept in touch, by long letters always.

    When I graduated from college he could not be there but sent me this book. ‘Concentration – The Secret of Success’. it’s a short, little old book in great shape, original copyright 1909. His grandfather gave it to him the day he went off to VMI. Told him if he would read it, practice, understand it….he would not only get through the hell that would be VMI the first few years…but life. That ‘concentration’ was the 1st survival skill he needed to learn but they would not openly teach there, but do in a round about way. Anyway. He said he didn’t need it any more – he knew it by heart. And, it’s how he also got out of Vietnam alive.

    I too know it by heart. I too know the importance of concentration. Go ahead, discuss the news guys.I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’ll chime in with what I can or think might be useful when I can. It is full on harvest time and I am already burning too much daylight here. (Chuckle, I have to concentrate!) You can get the book, I was surprised to see when I googled it before posting this. Someone has copied it out I guess and selling it. It is not going to be for everyone.

    Here’s a favorite part:

    ‘It is our own fault if our lives narrow down to limitations, and our hopes to petty confines. It is our own fault if our work degenerates into the deadly routine of drudgery, in which we do always what others want us to do in order to build up their success, in which we can have little part. It is our fault if we do not recognize our immortal birthright of freedom, but go on in paths where we hear only the death-knell of success and personal attainment.

    It is not given to all to be equally great, or there would be no longer an expression of growth on this plane; but it is given to everybody to know the truth of his own latent possibilities and to develop them to the uttermost; to have high ideals and ambitions; and to work them out into the highest form of energy.

    Concentration is the first step towards conscious power. Without concentration a life cannot expect to pass along in paths of peace. When we wish to know the difference between the physical, mental or psychical developments of nations, races, countries or individuals, we can easily determine it if we look at the difference in their power of concentration.

    Greece concentrated on art and beauty until she became a world of artistic wonder. Part of a nation concentrated for liberty, and the feet of the Pilgrim Fathers trod New England shores. A people concentrated for freedom, and the shackles of millions of slaves fell before them.

    Concentration is the vital essence of all life, and without it there is no real purpose, no real control. Upon the power of concentration, more than any other one thing, depends our law of attracting, controlling and mastering life’s conditions.

    When we have mastered the law of concentration we are lords of our own life.’

    Here is my friends (and just to say, he wasn’t of any ‘religion’, did not go to any church – rather ‘there is a plan for this crazy blue planet – someone or something or force is in charge)

    ‘First; just an abiding knowledge of the thing we want. Just a conscious projection of a perfect image; beatific; glorified. Just a consciousness of infinite supply. Just a holding of our own thought world steadily as a flame glows; then walking on each day in calm security; turning again and again into peaceful at-one-ment with out Source. This is the pathway of the strong; the whole, the useful. Their life is the light oft he world, and “a city set on a hill cannot be hid.” ‘

    Calmest, most unflappable, kindest, quietest, generous and amazing man I ever met.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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    Novus Ordo

    Tweva, so sorry for your loss. I have no doubt that he went knowing that he had a significant impact in your life and most likely the lives of many others.

    Thanks for posting this, looks like an interesting book. I can see how someone that is following this type of philosophy would get a bit exasperated with the typical “news” of the moment as that could be yet another distractor from the concentration of set goals. So…no need for apologies on stirring up a debate on the postings. It works for you and it’s good to see all sides – this adds some context to the previous debate. Although I enjoy the different stories, on the other side I could sure use some additional concentration to keep balanced and accomplish the goals I set in an appropriate time frame.

    Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.
    - Thomas Paine

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    I am so sorry for your loss. It was your good fortune to have known him, and I suspect he felt honored to have known you. He clearly saw something in you that caused him to give you that book.

    I never thought of it in terms of concentration, or the lack thereof, but most people do just bounce through life without ever really taking charge towards achieving goals. Entire nations do the same.

    I came from a large blue collar family in a blue collar neighborhood and grew up never knowing anyone who went to college or worked in an office. When I turned 15 my mother pulled me aside and told me to get a job on account I was now old enough to pay my own way. I did and had as my sole focus saving the money I needed to put myself through college. By time I graduated I had enough to pay for my 1st two years, and then kept on working during the college years to get the last two paid for. The price I paid was no sports or school clubs as that would conflict with my job, no prom because it cost too much, and not being the best dressed because I wasn’t going to buy the latest fashions. After graduation I found myself in an office setting with other young people who went to big name private colleges that their parents paid for. They had traveled and done things. I had never been on a vacation, nor had I gone to summer camp, and had only eaten in a restaurant once (on the occasion of my parent’s 20th wedding anniversary). . They talked a good story about all they were going to accomplish in their careers and personal lives. It was somewhat intimidating because the things they said were almost too much to hope for and I figured they must just be better than me. So what did I do? I just focused on doing anything and everything the managers asked for, and then more they didn’t ask for. I came in earlier and stayed later than the others. Eventually those others all worked for me. I doubt I was smarter than they were. I was just more focused, or perhaps I concentrated on my goals more than they did.

    It is the same focus that got me to be living full time in what had been my bug out 2nd home. This didn’t happen by accident.

    All that said, I do like staying up on the current news and hearing what others think, especially when those others are prepper types like me who view the world through a different lens that then average sheeple.

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    Very sorry tweva. Friends like that you can’t replace. He is in a better place and he will be looking over you everyday.

    God Bless Him.


    Good words Tweva, sorry for your loss.

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