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    A good friend of mine, from another forum attended this speech. He wrote up this summary of Mr. Bundy’s address to the people who attended. Posted below:

    Cliven Bundy speech

    Cliven Bundy came to the Bonanza Casino in Reno Nevada with his wife and body guard on Tuesday evening, Sept 9, 2014 The event was sponsored by the Northern Nevada Tea Party.
    With just over 60 people in the audience, mostly locals, with a smattering of people running for local offices, it was a number that allowed for each person to hear and be heard. The informality allowed anyone who wanted to talk with Cliven to come up with comments and questions. He accomodated all questions with candor, in his comfortable and straightforward manner of speaking.

    Cliven and Carol were available for 30 minutes before his speech, which started at 7 PM. Those personal conversations usually ran to how the family was doing, had the BLM returned and what the Bundy family saw as the future of their ranch and possible encounters with the 3 lettered agencies that harried them on April 12, 2014.

    Cliven and Carol assured their friends and allies, myself included, that calm had returned to the ranch, the melon crop was coming in nicely and the cattle ranching operation was starting to come back to normal even though Cliven was uncertain as to how many head were killed or stolen by the BLM and their hired ‘cowboys’. He estimated that the number lost could easily be 50 head, possibly over 100, but the reality was the exact number couldn’t be calculated, noting the cattle operation would take 2 years to recover due to the loss of calves. Destruction of the calving cycle was the real damage to the cattle herd.

    Just before his speech, Cliven went to a different room to give an interview with Reno Channel 4 News. Some speculated that theTV reporters didn’t want the public to see the robust turnout of the Tea Party membership. If they had, they’d have seen a full house.
    Once the media interview was completed the formalities of introductions were made by the hosts and two people running for political office. The atmosphere was light since these candidates knew the importance of their local offices. Reference to their candidacies were done with humor and a easy touch.

    Cliven started out by repeatedly hitting home on the importance of the local office holders and Sheriffs, both of which are the touchstone of sovereignty for We, The People. He told us that the local government representatives were the bulwark of the people’s individual rights and acknowledged the candidates in the room.

    He the audience of those things he wouldn’t cover; like the Federal Government, the Reds and Blues, the elephant and the jackass and the oppression of BLM in their actions against his family, protectors and the ranch. Some were worried that he would not given his views of what happened at Bundy Ranch They weren’t disappointed as Cliven started slowly, almost hesitating in his approach to the real topics at hand, the ones on the minds of the audience. It appeared that he was not completely comfortable in public speaking but quickly worked up to the main topic of the night. The words flowed freely and with unassuming eloquence. His manner was self effacing and honest. You would not help but like the man and his straighforwardness. That is the manner of a plain man who wants people to hear his message. Thus he laid the groundwork for the heart of his nearly 90 minute talk before getting into the nitty-gritty of his main message.

    That message come in several parts, each part focussing on how We, the People, have lost a tremendous amount of our liberties, freedom and sovereignty to a powerful national government and its unelected bureaucracies. He started at the local level, telling how Nevadans used to have control over their destinies. He also hit hard on the fact that the local representative such as city councils and Sheriffs have turned on the people, forgetting their only constituencies are We, the People and not a Federal government. He talked with specific references as to how much of the Nevada budget is now from the Federal government (27%) and how much land in Nevada is owned by this same government (87%). It was clear in his talk that the state of Nevada and its local governments had sold out and were bought and paid for by the government in Washington D.C. We, the people were not longer considered in the financial computations of the local officials, state and Federal government. We were just sheep to be sheared.

    He talked about how We, the People were part of the territory of Nevada long before statehood and how the compact between the people and their very limited form of local government worked quite well for many decades before statehood. The Bundy Family started their farming operations 140 years ago, before Nevada became a state. The family drew their rights to the land before Nevada joined the union. The Bundy Family’s natural rights to the land superceded any Federal laws and land use regulations. He stressed that point so that the audience recognized the sovereign rights inherent to those pioneers who first drew benefit from Free Range AND how those rights were forfeited to the government in return from some pittance of government money.

    He was talking to the right group since most people in the audience were multi-generational residents of Nevada. He asked the audience to think about what happened since the advent of statehood for Nevada, how the Federal government had take such an enormous amount of land from what was formerly a territory governed, not by the Constitution, but by territorial law. He implied that since the advent of statehood and the adoption of the Constitution as the law of the land, things had been turned on their ear.

    Cliven suggested that the Federal corruption of individual laws and state rights had been perverted by the same government that purported to uphold and enforce the Constitution. He asked the members of the audience to try to wrap their thinking around the convoluted puzzle of a sovereign people who carved out the territory of Nevada could become so beholden to a Federal government. allowing that same government to impose fees and taxes for management of land that had always been under the capable management of We, The People.
    Cliven repeatedly referenced the phrase “We, the People”, making clear its vital place in the Constitution, it’s power in the hearts and minds of the people and to the Bundy Family and the hundreds of stalwart protectors who rallied to help the Bundy family. The same spirit moved those people to confront the BLM as the Governor of Nevada, Nevada Highway Patrol, Mesquite police and the local sheriffs turned their backs on this family in their haste to help the Feds establish a military camp 2 miles up the road from the Bundy ranch at the Virgin River and then aided the Federal troops in their assault on April 12.

    It’s very important to note that amongst the number of armored troops that day in April were members of the local law enforcement. These same men who were friends and neighbors of the Bundys turned on the Bundy family, breaching their Constitutional duty with a complete repudiation of the Oath to protect the people to elected them and paid them. It makes one wonder about the loyalties of any elected official. Who’s paying the guardians? If it’s the Federal Government to whom they are beholden, it falls to the responsibility of the people to see to their own protection. We, the People are on our own.

    Cliven made reference to the peoples of this country in the 200 years before the American Revolution. He spoke of the nature of the men who were inspired by God to write the Constitution and then in the same spirit go out and fight the Revolutionary war, wresting control of our sovereignty from the British Government with its most power military force on earth. He said this Divine Inspiration forged the Founding Fathers determination and perseverance. Implicit in these words were the reference to the territory and later the state of Nevada and how the same sort of governmental actions now weigh heavily on state and individual sovereignty.

    He asked the listeners what they thought inspired the few hundred mostly unarmed people, include Cliven’s sons and daughters, to march forward to the line of highly armed BLM troops when many of those same people saw red lasers painting their chests. Cliven didn’t need to say this action was divinely inspired. That was easy to deduce from the fearless actions of his friends, family and members of the militia, some of whom traveled 3,000 miles to be with the family in the dangerous days leading up the Standoff at Bundyville.

    It should be noted that the BLM set up a full military camp before attacking Bundyville. Cliven’s family clearly saw government snipers on the hills around the ranch. I went to visit Cliven June 12, 2 months after the standoff to pay my respects and interview him, he pointed out where the military camp was situated and the vantage points of high ground occupied by the snipers, and the higher ground were his people zeroed their rifles on government guns.

    I went to visit Cliven and his family on June 12, two months after the incident, accompanied by a good friend and his son. The interview lasted 90 minutes but unfortunately the digital SD card was damaged beyond repair. Fortunately Cliven reprises much of his interview and added much more details in his talk last night.

    He spoke of hearing his dogs barking late at night when the sniper shifts changed. He knew the comings of goings of the armed men as they traversed his property. They set up road blocks, using unmarked trucks to divert people from the roads, making travel impossible. He told of the two First Amendment zones, 10 miles apart and how travel between the two areas was nearly impossible.

    He spoke with sadness at the rough handling of his children who were set upon by the hired guns, Tasered, thrown to the ground, abused by rough handling, handcuffed and arrested by these same forces. His children and grandchildren were there at ground zero to see what the government was doing to his land and family. Carol commented to me that her 16 year old grandson grew up very quickly that day as he saw the troops with rifles pointed at their home. Cliven knew of the hired cowboys who were laying waste to his herd, loading cattle on to carriers for transport to Utah.
    These were dark hours and days that led up to the confrontation on April 12, 2014. Cliven was concerned for his family but he knew something that encouraged him. Something that probably never occurred to the hundreds of troops surrounding his home. He knew the courage of the hundreds of people who rallied to his protection came not from the barrel of a gun but from their faith in God and the absolute rightness of their cause. That made these stalwarts indefatigable. They were fearless.

    Cliven then spoke of the final action, where his people marched towards the heavily armored lines of troops at the Virgin River Bridge. The people were ordered to stand down. They walked forward. They were ordered to retreat, to leave the area. They walked forward The stalwarts refused to stop; advancing forward to face down this army even as they were targeted by sighting lasers. When the people stood face to face with the troops, one of Cliven’s sons walked forward andtold their adversaries across the line: “THEY had 30 minutes to leave.”
    The army turned around and left.

    Asked why they came across the country to defend a person they’d never met and scarcely knew, most of the people said they really didn’t know. Most answered “They couldn’t exactly say why they came but they just knew they had to go’.
    Cliven concluded these ordinary Americans were moved by the same spirit, inspired by the same God, that compelled the Founding Fathers and their militias to straight arm the most powerful military on earth; the British Army with their Hessians and mercenaries, and pushed that invading army from their lands. These patriots wrested those land from the British Empire that had been theirs for past 200 years. This freedom and the liberties sought by our ancestors 230 years ago was the same sought by their ancestors who sailed to the New World in order to escape the tyranny and repression in the Old World 2 centuries prior. It was that same spirit that infused the hearts of the people at Bundy’s Ranch

    Today, that same spirit, contained in the hearts and minds of founders of this country, is still alive and well in the hearts of many freedom-loving Americans. We, the People made their voices clear at the Standoff at Bundyville. They showed the world that this spirit is not dead. This event has not passed from the consciousness of the people. Cliven, Carol, his family and their thousands of supporters continue to carry the message to the world. Cliven does daily interviews with reporters and journalists from dozens of countries. He related a brief story of one interview given shortly after the April 12 incident. Cliven was in church on a Sunday morning when he got a call that a reporter wanted to conduct an interview.

    He stepped outside to talk to the reporter and was told that his words would be heard in 72 countries and by over 300,000,000 people. He told us he took a moment gather his thoughts, asking the Lord for some guidance. It’s not every day that one person is asked to talk to an audience larger that the population of America. He wanted to make a statement that resonated with the people, encompassed his faith, hopefully would inspire others.

    He told the reporter the message he heard was to tell the people listening ‘be forgiving of those around them, to be forgiving of friends and adversaries alike, to live a life with a happy heart, as forgiveness was a path to salvation’. It’s unlikely that our audience was expecting to hear that. It’s equally unlikely that the millions who heard him expected an answer like that.

    Implicit in those words was Cliven’s statement that he truly had forgiven those people who literally and figuratively trespassed against him. It was in this spirit of forgiveness that he could tell his story and at the same time press home the message that We, the People’s sovereignty must be taken back from those governments; local, state and Federal, who would become our masters. Forgiving was vital. Turning the other cheek again was not an option.
    We have a sacred duty to take back our freedoms and liberties, Cliven said; to stop a powerful government from running ragged over our sovereignty. We owe it to pay forward the sacrifices of our forefathers and to see to it that future generations enjoy the same rights and liberties encompassed in this life-affirming stand.
    With courage, fearlessness and fortitude, a simple farmer made a powerful statement heard world wide.
    The world is still listening.

    "ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum

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    undeRGRond, Thanks for posting. Go Tea Party! I also support The Oath Keepers. Great reading.

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    Yes, there are MANY newer, good, and CONSTITUTIONAL organizations cropping up, and many more good people waking up due to this movement. Hopefully there is still time to save the Republic. Too late to save the U$D, but the “paper fiat “dollar”” was a debacle from the start.

    "ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum

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