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    Normally I don’t put this kind of stuff out there.
    But Christmas came early for two Colorado children.

    We all know someone who is only here “but for the grace of God”.

    Back on Sept 2, Det. Dan Brite was shot responding to an armed and suicidal man outside a middle school, hospital and assisted living center. Originally called in as an active shooter.

    Taking an AK round to the chest, Brite was “without a pulse” when he left the scene and was given a 1 percent chance of survival by doctors the night of the incident.

    Dan went home December 22nd.
    No not that home, he was taken home, escorted out of the rehab hospital by his wife, two daughters and a surprising number of the public.
    He is committed to walking again.
    Rolling himself out of the hospital six months early, paralyzed from the waist down, one daughter along for the ride, is nothing short of inspiring.

    Neither is this.

    Brite 10-41

    I put this here, because I worked with Dan at my first department.
    We swore in together.
    Good kid, damn good cop.
    I’m praying he can walk his daughters down the aisle.

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    Thanks for sharing. Brought up difficult emotions normally only felt in connection to deployment vets. Happy/tough to watch. I wish him and his family all the best as he continues his physical and emotional recovery, and his family deals with the sudden adjustments to a new “normal.” It is never, ever easy.

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    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully he will continue to improve.


    Tough one for me to watch, and listen to.
    Hadn’t heard his voice in 15 years, hasn’t changed a bit.

    Beats a “final call” by all means though.
    Those are worse.

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