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    I just wanted to share a modification I did to a Chicom type 56 chest rig that I recently used in a carbine class. I am a cheap bastard that would rather spend money on ammo and education, so I really wanted an inexpensive and simple solution to my “tacticool” gear problems.

    Most of you have seen them and many of you probably have them. The obvious problem with these rigs is the fiddly nature of the toggles in getting the pouches open. I, with fumble fingers, have trouble with them on a good day. Attaching bungee to the flap makes them decidedly unfiddly without really having to do a lot and even more importantly cost me about $2.50 to complete. It held up through 8 hours of mag changes, crawling and running around, and did I mention it was cheap?

    I hope this helps some of you who like me are trying to do more with less.

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    Cheap or not, it worked.
    Good enough.

    Will have to pass that one along.

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