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    I came across this link in a forum unrelated to prepping, but I could see that its contents might be of some interest here.

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    elijah, I see many problems with the article, one he starts with “Does it matter if democracy shifts to the right?”
    Well socialism is not a right thing it is more of a left thing that we are going though right now with O. Many will keep saying that fare right is fascism which is not true by what I have read. A fare right may go into becoming a dictator but so is a fare left. The left can enter though socialism and slowing go into communism which is a very hardcore dictatorship of control of there people though food and no work.

    An example of this is Cuba where before Castro got power in 1957 there were all dictatorships. The dictators before Castro you would have jobs, food, electricity, and many goods that you were able to buy. You were not totally free because the dictators didn’t like freedoms to talk against there government so you had to like them or maybe end up in jail. Now Castro came to power and kept all the same rules as the dictators but controlled the food and products that you were able to buy, he started with socialism and then came communism were he ended jobs for everyone except the people that were for the government. Total control. I had a family member that only talked about how bad the government was well he did 23 years in jail, trial with no attorney for you.

    Fascism is another type of animal but not a fare right. The dictators before Castro were fare right. One thing is to read about it and another thing is to live it. So I know.

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