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    Freedom nailed it. People want suggestions for what we can do about it? Here’s one thing we can ALL do – run for our local school boards and get other like-minded people in different school board districts in our communities to do the same. Do what the Free State Project tried to do, except on an even more local basis – take it over back!

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    GS you got it! Get in the local school boards, teach in the school system and find jobs in the Universities like my wife. She works inside and does her part in changing things even tho she is surrounded by left wing socialist. We all need to do are part no matter how small you think your part is. Many small parts makes it large. This is what they have been doing for years. The Socialist are fanatical about there teachings, we have to do the same.


    Quite interesting topic!

    As I already mentioned probably, I lived in socialistic (communism) society, my childhood and schooling was full of let s say “dogmas” that I actually trusted in, because whole system worked on that way that you simply believed in things that today look ridiculous.

    As a man who saw that system I really hope that study from GS post is simply wrong or false, or that millenials simply do not know what they are talking about (like Mountain Biker put it).

    Otherwise you might be in deep s..t.


    Some of us have been watching the US go down the socialist drain for decades.
    Parents who watched the McCarthy hearings in the ’50’s raised hippy children in the ’60’s and ’70’s.
    They in turn passed it down through the education system to my generation and it stuck with many of them.
    They have been instrumental in continuing and growing this with the next generation, the millenials.

    Can it be fought? Reversed? Or will it come to blood, that ends up being the question.

    At this point, I foresee a paradigm shift approaching. Good, bad or indifferent, it will probably swing the balance of power for years to come. But which end of the pendulum is the issue. Both extremes are bad. And finding center? Unlikely.

    I will put it simply, god help us all in the coming years.


    Living in socialistic system is huge topic, I could tell you a lot about it.
    One thing here is important I think-even here people often “cry” for a socialism, but reason for that could be that actually situation today in some fields is worse then it was for example in communistic Yugoslavia in 1975.

    I also remember some things being better then here then today. But it is about post war society here (and waiting for next war).

    It is important that I also remember singing songs for “Great leader”, religion being almost banned, absence of freedom of speech, secret communist prisons, rows of people early in the morning in front of the stores waiting for “rare articles” (like milk, cooking oil) “one party-one leader” society…

    There are places here, like some prisons (for the “enemies of state”) that even today 28 years after fall of communism have “spooky aura”, and people do not want to talk about it too much.

    My humble opinion is that people who most talk (and wish) for socialism-communism that was in practice are actually do not have clue how that look in reality.

    And that is dangerous.

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    I asked my daughter if she knew the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was a fraud. She did know. they taught her that in school. Then I asked her if they taught her Kennedy’s assassination was part of a coup in the U.S.. They didn’t say a word about it. Conspiracy theory is what the educators fear the most. What Eisenhower said about the military industrial complex! It was a warning that was ignored. And now we have the Clinton – FBI nexus. Top government officials lying under oath and no one being charged. Millenniels are not totally blind deaf and dumb. Especially when its evolved to tweets vs ugly dossiers from intelligence agencies.

    Hello. General Strangelove, this is the President. We’ve decided to audit the Pentagon.

    Regards JFK

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