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    namelus, I started watching this but stopped as soon as he started reading from the bible. I find the far right and their dreams of theocracy just as scary as the far left and their dreams of socialist utopia.

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    About halfway through the video I called a good personal friend (he’s also a retired command sergeant major, Special Forces, and Ranger, veteran from Vietnam forward). That’s a small, close knit group. My question to him was where on the scale of “nut job” to “rock solid” Dan Page fit, and based on the response I got from him, I did not go back and finish the video. I’ll just say that he acknowledged that he knew of him more than he personally knew him well, but certainly knew who he is, which SF Group he was in, etc.- right off the top of his head. Now that’s just the input from one man, based on information he’s gotten from others that knew Dan Page far better, admittedly. But those are also men my friend knows and trusts well. Information in that community travels fast. As said above, that’s a small, close knit group – a great bond of trust develops within that group.
    EDIT: Despite my comments above, I did finish the video later. My problem with it is exactly what my friend provided: SGM Page’s credibility is easily called into question because of some of the off-the-wall statements he makes. Unfortunately, I would not be surprised if a fair amount of the really substantial parts are true (and other sources tend to corroborate many of his statements). But when he (just as one example for illustration) makes statements like Bush having had the 29 Palms survey administered to the Marines, it just leaves him open to discrediting. Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham produced that survey as part of his own graduate degree program, and he himself has warned about what is coming. How the SGM knows that Bush was furious that the results weren’t high enough, I have no idea (if he even does). And like MB says, his heavy religiosity just turns off many people. Frankly, it turned me off as well, at least in part because of his heavy bragging about killing (as noted by L Tecolote below). Somehow there’s a disconnect there – a bragging, unrepentant pride in how many people he’s killed and how easy it is for him to continue doing so even today – vs. his Christianity. What a major turn-off! So people just aren’t going to want to listen. And it makes it even harder to discern what might be fact, what might be conjecture, and what is outright BravoSierra.

    My bottom line is that while there may be some very solid information in the video, I personally don’t consider him to be the right messenger.

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    L Tecolote

    Retired Command Sgt Maj Page boasts that he could (and did) kill whomever he was told to kill, military or civilian, including however many bystanders got in the way, without question, hesitation, or second thought. He persuades me that completely irrespective of justification, or lack thereof, the military, and its “contractors” will not hesitate to do the same domestically, and that clued-in commanders are already anticipating orders to begin.

    Here’s another “interesting watch,” explaining what will likely bring it about, although there are other entire resentful nations hoping to get the contract for themselves. We, as “taxpayers” are not only on the hook for the “debt,” but have already been roundly blamed for having caused all the economic problems in the world, and named as the pretext for all the bad stuff “our” fedgov has done abroad for the banksters.

    (hat tip: Richard Celata)

    Cry, "Treason!"

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    Tec, excellent video. Unlike the SGM’s video earlier (I’ve since added to my earlier remarks on that video), virtually all of the material in this video can be independently researched. It’s not “nice” information, but it’s solid. Truth isn’t always “nice.”

    It’s all part of an obvious hidden conspiracy. Obvious because the evidence is so easy to spot – at least by anyone with a brain that hasn’t been brainwashed. But hidden because, like MB said in a different thread, “Those societies are more secretive than they are secret or we wouldn’t know of them at all.” The really big one “merely” uses the banks as its means. And that allows it to largely stay hidden, because it’s the identifiable “banksters” that can be “seen.” What’s frightening is how hidden in plain sight the overall plan really is. But I’m not going further with that in this forum. My brief comments on the subject are over at:

    Thanks for the video.

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